Small UAS for Long-Range Missions, ISTAR Solutions, and SAR Operations

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Skyeton is a leading developer of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) for long-range and extended-endurance missions.

Our highly automated aerial system is ideal for a wide range of professional, commercial and defense applications, including mapping and surveying, emergency response, search & rescue (SAR), intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance (ISTAR), and border patrol.

Long-range fixed-wing drone

Long-Range UAS – Raybird 3

Small UAS for long-distance missions: ISTAR, SAR and emergency response

Raybird-3 Long-Endurance UAS and GCS

The Raybird 3 is a small, fixed-wing UAV designed for long-range, huge-area reconnaissance and patrolling missions. The drone can operate for more than 24 hours, carry a payload of up to 5kg, and transmit video across 100+ km, making it the ideal choice for large-area operations in varying conditions, such as: ISTAR (intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance), search and rescue (SAR), and other missions requiring real-time situational awareness.

Raybird-3 Long-Endurance DroneThe man-portable one-box solution can be unpacked and deployed in as little as 15 minutes, with fully autonomous operation including takeoff, landing and payload control.

The four-stroke gasoline engine-powered platform provides more than 24 hours of flight endurance for long-distance drone missions, and can be easily programmed with preset flight routes and an automatic return-to-launch point.

Long endurance uas

Payload Solutions for the Raybird 3 Long Range Fixed Wing Drone

With a modular payload system and a lift capacity of up to 5kg, the Raybird 3 can be easily equipped with a variety of sensors for flexible and versatile operation, including gyro-stabilised gimbals, aerial cameras, synthetic aperture radar (SAR), radio relays and electronic warfare (EW) equipment.

Raybird 3 systems can be easily customised during manufacture to your specific needs, as well as easily upgraded as your requirements evolve.

high endurance drone with airbag

The Raybird 3 fixed-wing drone can be launched by catapult from almost any terrain, and recovered by parachute and airbag. Sensitive gimbals and payloads are further protected by a special retraction mechanism, and the aircraft features redundant servos and other important components for enhanced reliability. An encrypted digital data link provides security against electronic attacks.

Long Range Drone Solutions & Applications:


ISR Drone for Border control 

The fixed-wing Raybird 3 is an ideal long range drone for border patrol, and can be equipped with HD video cameras and radars for easy target acquisition. Real-time video transmission provides situational awareness for immediate decision making.


Forestry, wildlife and anti-poaching applications 

Featuring the ability to autonomously patrol large distances and operate in the most remote of areas, the Raybird 3 UAS is highly suited to monitoring and preventing illegal poaching and deforestation, as well as preserving natural resources.


Emergency response and search and rescue

With extremely quick deployment, high speed and long endurance, the Raybird 3 long range drone is ideal for drone emergency response missions, and can fly day or night even in harsh weather.


Mapping and surveying 

The Raybird 3 long range fixed wing drone, can carry a variety of aerial RGB and multispectral cameras for mapping and surveying, capturing high-accuracy measurements of length, area and volume. Covering huge distances in a single flight, the platform reduces costs and makes aerial image capture more efficient.

UAS Raybird 3 Specifications:

Wingspan 3 m
Maximum Takeoff Weight 23 kg
Payload Capacity up to 5 kg
HD video transmission range 100+ km
Direct control range 200+ km
Autonomous operation range 2000+ km
Cruise speed 120 km/h
Maximum speed 160 km/h
Maximum altitude 3000 m
Flight endurance 24+ h

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UAV Ground Control Station

Skyeton UAV Ground Control Station

uav ground-control-stationOur drone Ground Control Station (GCS) is a portable, lightweight, rugged system built around an industrial Intel-based PC and packaged into a compact carrying case. Featuring three ultra-bright anti-glare screens – for simultaneous display of aircraft position, flight data, and payload video feed – the GCS provides longterm situation awareness with battery life of over 6 hours.

The GCS also includes two high-reliability 3-axis joysticks, a trackball and waterproof keyboard, and two Ethernet ports. An optional tracking antenna system is available, supporting live-streaming of Full HD video at ranges of up to 100 km.


Skyeton UAV GCS
Weight (total with one battery) 22.9 kg
Dimensions 473 x 160 x 396 mm
Battery life 6 – 8 h
Charging time 225 min
Screens 1 x 1600×1200 WLED LVDS
1 x 1280×800 WLED LVDS
1 x 1280×800

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Professional UAV Training Course

uav training

uav-trainingOur specially designed professional drone operator training course provides attendees with an understanding of the regulatory frameworks surrounding UAS operation and how they apply to defense and commercial applications. In addition, the course explores operational and technical aspects of drone operations, as well as the risk-based processes underpinning the application and granting of authorizations for UAS flights.

The four-week training program consists of three parts – a theoretical phase, a practical phase, and a series of training flights. The program culminates in a final exam, the successful completion of which will grant attendees an official operator certificate.

Key topics covered by our professional UAV training course include:

  • Applications of UAS in the context of international aviation law
  • Accommodating UAS operations within current aviation infrastructure
  • Typical use cases
  • General information about technical characteristics and servicing of the UAV
  • The requirement for operators to demonstrate flight safety, and how this is achieved
  • Implementation of technologies to help manage risks and hazards
  • Preparing an environment for safe operation

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Small UAS for Long-Range Missions, ISTAR Solutions, and SAR Operations
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