Small Tactical UAS (Group 2 / NATO Class I) for Long-Range ISR Missions
Raybird Small tactical UAS for long-range reconnaissance missions

Small tactical UAS for long-range reconnaissance missions

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Raybird is a cutting-edge fixed-wing unmanned aerial system (UAS) for extended reconnaissance missions. With an unmatched 28 hours of continuous flight time and surveillance range of up to 2500 km, this UAV can complete advanced missions providing real-time data up to 120 km.

Combat-tested expertise gained on Ukrainian battlefields underscores Raybird’s reliability, resilience against EW, and cost-effectiveness, making it a valuable asset for commercial and defense missions.

small ISR drone

Raybird is a comprehensive UAS solution featuring a long-endurance UAV, ground control system, catapult launcher, payload options, and robust antenna for reliable communications. Raybird’s flexibility comes from 1-minute hot-swappable payload options (up to 5kg), including a gyro-stabilized multi-sensor gimbal for intelligence gathering, specialized radars and sensors for targeted missions, and a high-resolution aerial camera for detailed mapping.

A comprehensive UAS solution for long-endurance missions

The Ground Control System
The portable ground control system supports a multi-operator workflow and is designed for harsh environments.

It features:

  • Pilot Station: Includes a remote aircraft control, telemetry monitoring, and overall flight management.
  • Payload Operator Station: Dedicated remote control enables payload management, real-time video transmission, and precise target coordinate refinement.
  • Optimized Displays: Three ultrabright, anti-glare displays ensure critical data visibility even in challenging lighting conditions.
  • Rugged and User-Friendly: A full-sized waterproof keyboard and trackball mouse offer familiar control. The station features an IP67 protection level of GCS when closed. The station operates from 0° C to +45°C.
  • Network Ready: Two Ethernet ports enable seamless connectivity.

Antenna System
Raybird features a powerful, secure antenna system for long-range operation and resilience in challenging conditions. Key features include:

  • Extended Range: Our proprietary antenna system enables data transmission up to 120 km (with a maximum range of 2500 km), ensuring reliable communication over vast distances.
  • Enhanced Security: Advanced encryption protocols protect communication channels, safeguarding sensitive data and maintaining operational security. Features encrypted DDL, telemetry, and control data link.
  • Electronic Warfare (EW) Resilience: A CRPA antenna is combat-tested to counter jamming and spoofing, ensuring mission success in hostile environments.
  • Integration: The antenna system utilizes a multi-frequency GNSS receiver for precision navigation, even in difficult environments.

Catapult Launcher
A versatile mechanical system that guarantees quick and safe UAV deployment even in challenging environments.

  • Unmatched Versatility: Launch from unprepared surfaces and regardless of weather conditions. The system launches in strong winds (up to 30 m/s), rain, and snow surpassing the limits of other systems such as VTOL.
  • Safety-Driven Design: Integrated safety features protect against accidental UAV launch, ensuring your equipment and personnel are secure.
  • Portability and Ease of Use: The system is lightweight (just 45 kg) and designed for quick, tool-free assembly, making it ideal for field operations.

Field Operations Hub
A versatile field operations hub, providing transportation, deployment, monitoring, and data processing capabilities for your UAS. With a crew capacity of up to five, including a UAV pilot, payload operator, driver, and assistant, this mobile command center ensures seamless operations in any environment.

  • Mobility: Transport your UAS team and equipment efficiently to any location.
  • Monitoring: Effectively monitor UAS operations and data streams in real time.
  • Data Processing: Analyze and process UAS data on-site for immediate decision-making.
  • Crew Support: Accommodate a team of up to five specialists for optimal mission execution.

Flexible Payload Options
Raybird’s multi-tool design offers superior flexibility: hot-swap various payloads (up to 5kg) in just one minute and rapidly adapt for any mission.

  • Gyro-stabilized Multisensor Gimbal: Choose between two models (Epsilon 140 and Epsilon 175) featuring:
    • EO/IR sensors & 360 rotation
    • Deliver supreme, clear 720p HD video footage.
    • Global shutter sensor eliminates motion blur and distortion for exceptional image clarity even with fast-moving subjects.
    • Ensure rock-solid image capture even at maximum zoom.
  • Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR):
    • Lightweight (4kg)
    • Operating altitude up to 5000m
    • Moving target detection up to 15km
    • SAR imaging up to 20km
  • Aerial Photo Camera: High-resolution options include:
    • Canon EOS R
    • Phase One – IXM
Raybird Technical Specifications
  • Maximum Flight Altitude (operating ceiling): 4500 m (2,8 miles)
  • Flight Duration: up to 28 hours
  • Maximum Flight Range: 2500 km (1553 miles)
  • Wingspan: 2,96 m (9,71 ft)
  • MTOW: 23 kg
  • Cruise Speed: 110 km/h (68 mph)
  • Speed: 80/110/140 km/h
  • Data Link Range: 120 km (75 miles)
  • 25 Minutes System Deployment
  • Automated Takeoff and Landing (mechanical catapult, parachute landing on airbag)
  • Payload Capacity up to 5 kg (11 lbs) (Gyro-Stabilized Multi-Sensor Gimbal, Radars and Sensors for Targeted Use, Aerial Camera)
  • Propulsion system: EFI engine
  • Fuel: 95 Octane, oil mix
  • Operating temperature range: from -25 to +45C