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Tethered Drone Systems for Military and Commercial Applications

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Elistair is a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative tethered drone systems for military and commercial applications.

Elistair - tethered drone systems

Our efficient, state-of-the-art tethering technologies provide persistent, continuous power and high-speed data transfer, expanding the abilities of a wide range of drone systems and opening up new applications for unmanned missions such as continuous surveillance, communications and inspections.

Tethered Drone Stations

Safe-T – Smart Tethered Drone Station

Safe-T UAV Tethering StationSafe-T is a smart tethering solution for industrial UAV applications, offering real-time semi-persistent observation and surveillance capabilities. The system is particularly suited to persistent aerial surveillance (day and night), temporary telecommunications (4G, Wi-Fi, radio) and industrial inspections.

Compatible with a wider range of popular drones and payloads than any other solution on the market, Safe-T has been proven worldwide with thousands of hours of successful logged flights.

The compact Air Module, with an industry-leading power-to-weight ratio, is easily secured to the drone. The patented ultra-light micro-tether is kevlar-reinforced to withstand over 1500 Newtons of traction, and provides continuous power as well as unbroken and unjammable data transfer at up to 200Mb/s.

Elistair Safe-T M200 UAV Tethering Station

Safe-T’s integrated smart management systems continuously monitor its status, ready to deploy fine-tuned fail-safe procedures in case of anomalies. Operators can view the Safe-T status in real time via a tablet or PC with the Elistair T-Monitor application.

Field-proven in more than 30 countries, Safe-T is easy to use, quick to deploy and is certified to comply with Civil Aviation laws.


  • Maximum Power Output: 2500W
  • Data Transfer Rate: 200 Mb/s
  • Maximum Altitude: 330 ft

Ligh-T – Rugged Tethered Drone Station

Ligh-T is a mobile, rugged tethered drone station designed for deployment in the most demanding of environments. Compact, easily carried and quick to deploy, the Ligh-T system offers continuous aerial observation capabilities to drone operators.

The kevlar-reinforced micro-tether provides a persistent and highly reliable power and data connection between the UAV and ground station.

An up to 200 Mbs link allows operators to seamlessly control a wide range of drones, such as the DJI Inspire 1, as well as transmitting high-resolution streaming video and image data. And the vertical spool structure provides enhanced weather resistance.

A built-in Wifi connection provides monitoring of live telemetry, logging and smart status alerts via the Elistair T-Monitor application.


  • Maximum Power Output: 1500W
  • Data Transfer Rate: 200 Mb/s
  • Maximum Altitude: 160 ft

Ligh-T V3 Drone Tethering Station

Ligh-T Tethered drone station

Persistent Tethered Drone

Orion UAS – Tethered Drone

Orion UAS Tethered DroneThe Orion UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) is an advanced tethered drone system that provides continuous aerial coverage over large areas. Featuring high-grade industrial motors, Orion has been engineered to endure extensive flight times, tough weather and demanding environments.

It is fully automated with its push-button which allows its operators to focus on their surveillance mission. Connected to our patented Safe-T micro-tether system, the Orion drone receives a secure and continuous power supply from the ground.

Orion features multiple redundancies, including autopilot sensors, power distribution, logical controls, and an emergency parachute system.

Tethered Drone Applications

Our tethered drone solutions are ideal for providing unlimited autonomy, power and data transfer, safely enabling persistent coverage for a wide variety of applications. Use cases for our UAV stations include:

Private & Public safety:
Tethered UAVs can be quickly deployed by a single operator in a matter of seconds, to give an immediate and overall view of the area. They provide persistent coverage for police, first responders and crisis response that is both more discreet and more cost-effective than manned aircraft.

Tethered Drone for Public Safety

Tethered drones can provide continuous aerial surveillance, both day and night. They can be easily carried, deployed quickly with little or no piloting skills and can fly for several hours consecutively. Real-time images are provided instantly and securely through the tether, allowing defense units to make quick decisions using detailed knowledge of their environment.

Tethered Drone for Humanitarian Needs

Humanitarian needs:
Tethered drones are critical assets for emergency operations. They offer an immediate view across inaccessible areas, in most weather conditions, helping teams to spot dangers and victims, and coordinate an appropriate response.  They can be deployed for long-term operations, either covering large areas for several hours, or focusing steadily on specific areas that require precise analysis.

Tethered Drone for Humanitarian Needs

Tethered drones can create temporary, wide-range networks for propagation of cellular, Wi-Fi, high-frequency radio and 3G/4G signals.

Tethered Drone for Telecommunications

Traffic monitoring:
Tethered drones are compact easy to transport and deploy, and can provide valuable traffic data (trajectories, behaviors, vehicle types etc.), to networks, transport operators and public authorities to answer mobility challenges.

Tethered Drone for Traffic Monitoring

News gathering:
Unlimited 4k aerial video streaming, ideal for sports and other outdoor events, is possible with our tethered UAV systems.

Tethered Drone for News Gathering

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Tethered Drone Systems for Military and Commercial Applications
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