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Elistair LIGH T-4 Compact Tethered Drone Station for First Responders

By Elistair SAS / 12 Jul 2022
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In this video Elistair demonstrate the LIGH T-4 compact tethered drone station, ideal for first responders.

The LIGH-T V4 drone tether is a mobile, rugged tethered drone station designed for deployment in the most demanding of environments. Compact, easily carried and quick to deploy, the Ligh-T system offers continuous aerial observation capabilities to drone operators. The kevlar-reinforced micro-tether provides a persistent and highly reliable power and data connection between the UAV and ground station. Up to 200 Mbs link allows operators to seamlessly control a wide range of drones, such as the DJI Inspire 1, as well as transmitting high-resolution streaming video and image data. A built-in Wifi connection provides monitoring of live telemetry, logging and smart status alerts via the Elistair T-Monitor application.

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