Tethered Drone Systems for Military and Commercial Applications
Orion 2.2 TE Tactical tethered drone for defense & government
Orion 2.2 TE

Tactical tethered drone for defense & government

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Orion 2.2 TE

The Orion 2.2 TE is a next-generation tactical tethered UAS for military forces and government agencies that provides fully automated day and night surveillance and communications for up to 50 hours. Featuring a 100-metre tether and a ruggedized IP54-rated base station, it is easy to transport and deploy and can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Orion 2 UAS Persistent Tethered Drone for 24-Hour Surveillance by Elistair

The system is ideal as a persistent ISR capability, or for use as a temporary variable-height antenna for tactical communications relay or cellular connectivity. Designed as a two-in-one system, it can be easily reconfigured into a heavy-lift mode via a simple tool-less arm swap, allowing the drone to lift up to 5kg.

The versatile UAS can be equipped with a range of payloads, including:

  • Raptor EO/IR gimbal
  • XQT EO/IR gimbal with 3km laser rangefinder
  • XQT AI-powered tracking gimbal
  • A wide variety of third-party payloads via a development kit
Power Input 230 V, 50 Hz (generator minimum 4 kW)
Tether Length 100m (328 ft)
Tether Data Transfer 100 Mb/s
Max Flight Time 50 hrs