Tethered Drone Systems for Military and Commercial Applications

The Benefits of Tethered Drones

By Mike Ball / 08 Jan 2021
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Elistair tethered drone system

Elistair has released an article outlining the benefits of tethered drone systems, which are unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) physically connected to and powered by a ground station. The systems are increasingly being adopted for a wide variety of applications including military base defense, border patrol, live-streaming events, setting up temporary communication towers, low altitude satellite surveillance, and more.

Read the full article on Elistair’s website

The article covers:

  • Components of the tethered drone system – the ground power station and the micro-tether
  • Limitations of untethered drones – flight time, safety and ease of use
  • The use of tethered drones in the defense industry – border surveillance, base protection and tactical communications
  • Tethered drones for private and public safety, broadcast and media, telecommunications, and first responders
  • The benefits of using tethered drones
  • FAA and EASA regulations surrounding the use of tethered drones
  • Where Elistair’s tethered drone systems have been utilized

Elistair has deployed over 600 tethered drone systems around the world in a diverse range of applications. To find out more about the benefits of this rapdily growing drone technology, read the full article on Elistair’s website.

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