Law Enforcement Drones, UAV, UGV & USV

Find Law Enforcement Drone manufacturers including UAV, UGV & USV used in law enforcement; quadcopters, unmanned helicopters and VTOL fixed wing UAS used by first responders and SWAT teams
Overview Law Enforcement Drones, UAV, UGV & USV
By Technology Editor Last updated: January 25th, 2022

Drones for Public Safety

UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) are used by law enforcement for a variety of tasks as they are cheaper to operate and quicker to deploy than manned helicopters, and can also fly in tighter spaces or over crowds.

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Tethered drones for public safety – Where UAVs may be required to hover persistently in one location, they can be deployed as part of a tethered drone system, which uses the attached cable to provide long-term power as well as communications and control.

Multirotors – capable of VTOL (vertical take off and Landing) quadcopters and other multirotor drones (hexacopters, octocopters) are often used by law enforcement teams as they can be quickly deployed and require little space to launch and land.

law enforcement drone

BRINC’s LEMUR S law enforcement drone

Some multirotors can even enter buildings with the aid of glass-breaker attachments, in order to search for suspects or victims. They can have a self-righting function which enables the drone to flip-over and regain flight. Operators may be able to talk to other people via the drone by using two-way communications.

Fixed-wing and unmanned helicopter drones – capable of extended flight-times fixed-wing UAVs and single-rotor drones are often chosen by law enforcement for long-range surveillance missions such as coastal and border control.

UAVs for Law Enforcement of Borders

SKELDAR V-200 Unmanned Helicopter for law enforcement

Surveillance drones for law enforcement

UAVs may be deployed to provide security at public events, carry out aerial surveillance, or document a crime scene. They can be equipped with live video streaming capabilities to provide real-time surveillance of a situation for critical monitoring purposes.

law enforcement uav

Black Eagle 50 Tactical VTOL UAV by Steadicopter

Drones equipped with RBG and thermal cameras can be used to search for criminals or missing persons. These drones can survey hard-to-reach or hazardous areas and can cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time, thus saving manpower as well as keeping officers out of harm’s way.

Tactical robots for law enforcement

UGVs (unmanned ground vehicles) are typically used by police in urban areas. They can be used for automated patrols, or to enter buildings to search for suspects and other persons of interest without needing to send an officer into a potentially dangerous situation.

Ground robots are also commonly used for bomb defusing and EOD (explosive ordnance disposal). They can be equipped with manipulator arms and other tools and operated from outside the danger area.

Autonomous & unmanned vessels for maritime law enforcement

USVs (unmanned surface vehicles) may be deployed for missions in coastal and river areas. They can provide maritime patrolling capabilities and port security, and are also used to combat smuggling and piracy as well as to identify other vessels.

USVs can also be used to locate potential underwater hazards such as explosive devices, and may work together with an ROV (remotely operated vehicle) or other unmanned underwater vehicles to remove such threats.

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