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C5 & C30 Aerial Survey Cameras Orthographic and oblique cameras for drone photogrammetry
C5 & C30 Aerial Survey Cameras

Orthographic and oblique cameras for drone photogrammetry

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C5 & C30 Aerial Survey Cameras

CHC Navigation’s aerial survey cameras are lightweight and compact units that can be easily integrated into a variety of fixed-wing and multirotor drone platforms, including the company’s BB4 Mini and P330 Pro drones as well as the DJI M300 RTK.

The range of cameras includes:

  • The C5 – orthographic full-frame, fixed-focus camera system with a larger sensor for more detailed and accurate orthophotos
  • The C30 – high-performance oblique photogrammetry system

Both systems feature industrial-grade cameras that deliver low lens distortion and optimized image sharpness, resulting in high-quality and high-accuracy survey results.

CHCNAV’s Alphaport quick-release interface enables both cameras to be easily connected without the need for additional tools, and includes easy interfacing with the DJI Skyport connector as well as power and data connections for reduced wiring and complexity.

The C5 and C30 can be used independently on RTK-enabled drones for high-resolution photogrammetry, or connected to CHCNAV’s AlphaUni LiDAR systems to enable colorized point cloud data.


C30 C5
Dimensions (L x W x H) 110 x 108 x 85 mm (4.33" x 4.25" x 3.35") 75 x 63.5 x 102.5 mm (2.95" x 2.50" x 4.04")
Weight 605 g (21.34 oz) 290 g ± 5 g (10.23 oz ±0.18 oz)
Power 12 – 27V, 25W 12 – 27V, 10W
Sensor Size 23.5 x 15.7 mm 36 x 24 mm
Pixel Size 3.76μ 4.4μ
Image Size 6252 x 4168 px (3:2) 8184 x 5460 px (3:2)
Focal Length 25mm / 35mm 35mm
Angle of Lens / FOV 45° / 90° 54.3 x 37.8°
Shutter Speed 1/50 - 1/20000 1/50 - 1/20000
Aperture F5.6 F5.6
ISO 100 - 3200 100 - 3200