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Autonomous and Unmanned Marine Vehicles: USV, AUV, Marine ROV; Profiling Floats & Towed Systems

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Teledyne Marine
Autonomous and Unmanned Marine Vehicles: USV, AUV, Marine ROV; Profiling Floats & Towed Systems
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Teledyne Marine is a group of cutting-edge, industry-leading developers of autonomous and unmanned marine vehicles for demanding subsea and shallow-water environments.

Our Marine ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicles), AUV (Autonomous Unmanned Vehicles) and USV (Unmanned Surface Vehicles) provide state-of-the-art solutions for challenging applications such as oceanography, defense and security, and oil and gas inspection and surveying.

Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV)

Gavia AUV for surveys, inspections and research

Gavia – modular AUV for research, commercial and defense applications

Gavia Modular AUV
The Gavia is a modular, low-logistics AUV with field-swappable plug-and-play modules rated to 500 or 1000m. The standard base configuration includes nose, battery, control and propulsion modules, with additional capabilities including sonar, cameras, inertial navigation and environmental sensors.

This flexible, easily reconfigurable solution, offering true multi-mission capability, can operate from a wide variety of vessels of opportunity. It is an ideal and cost-effective platform for commercial surveying, scientific and environmental research, mine countermeasures, search and rescue and more.

Learn more: Gavia modular AUV

Osprey – modular long-range AUV with enhanced payload capacity

The Osprey is an advanced AUV that improves upon the Gavia platform by providing operational endurances of more than 24 hours while keeping the versatile modular design and the 1000 meter depth rating. The vehicle also includes a range of new features, including an efficient rim drive thruster, an external data pod, increased capacity battery modules, a science bay, obstacle avoidance, and a forward-looking sonar (FLS) nose.

Osprey long-range AUVThe AUV utilizes Teledyne’s unique QuickLock Mechanism to join all modules and maintain watertight integrity. Mechanical and electrical blind-mating allows the vehicle to be quickly and easily assembled, reconfigured and disassembled.

The Osprey can be equipped with multiple optional sensors, including cameras, sonars and echosounders, to suit the needs of defense, commercial and scientific users.

Learn more: Osprey modular long-range AUV

SeaRaptor – deep water AUV with flexible sensor integration

The SeaRaptor is a survey-grade deep water AUV featuring modular payload ports for field-swappable sensors. The autonomous underwater vehicle can also be customised to fit additional instruments such as side scan sonars, echo sounders, sub-bottom profilers and cameras. Redundant emergency systems provide extra recovery options both below the water and on the surface.

SeaRaptor AUV
Rated to 3000 or 6000m, the SeaRaptor can undertake a wide range of missions, including oceanography, marine archaeology, search and recovery, salvage and construction support.

Learn more: SeaRaptor deep water AUV

Find out more about Teledyne Gavia autonomous underwater vehicles for surveys, inspections and research

Autonomous Underwater Gliders

Long-range, long-duration Slocum G3 Glider

Slocum G3 GliderThe Slocum G3 glider is a networkable variable buoyancy-driven subsurface platform that can be equipped with a wide variety of sensors and programmed to patrol for weeks at a time. Fleets of gliders can perform sampling and dynamic mapping over large regions for research, commercial and defense applications.

Slocum G3 Autonomous Underwater Glider water

Find out more about the Slocum G3 Autonomous Underwater Glider

Autonomous & Unmanned Surface Vehicles

USVs for hydrographic surveys and monitoring

Teledyne Oceanscience Z-Boats are remotely operated survey vessels designed specifically for the hydrographic surveyor. With rugged IP67-rated designs and easy setup, Z-Boats provide ultra-reliable survey capabilities even in the most challenging of conditions.

Z-Boat 1800RP Rugged USV Vehicle

Z-Boat 1800RP
Ruggedized USV for hydrographic surveys
Typical Survey Speed: 8 knots
Endurance: Up to 4.5 hours

TZ-Boat 1250 Lightweight Survey USV vehicle

Z-Boat 1250
Lightweight single-beam survey vessel
Typical Survey Speed: 2-3 knots
Endurance: Up to 4 hours

Oceanscience Q-Boats provide a reliable and convenient remotely controlled platform for the deployment of all major acoustic Doppler current profilers. They are ideal for river velocity profiling, discharge monitoring, and other ADCP applications in rivers, streams, lakes and coastal areas worldwide.

Q-Boat 1800RP Dual-Engine USV

Q-Boat 1800RP
Dual-engine USV for flood conditions
Typical Survey Speed: 3-4 knots
Endurance: Up to 4 hours

Q-Boat 1250 Portable USV

Q-Boat 1250
Portable USV for shallow-water applications
Typical Survey Speed: 2-3 knots
Endurance: Up to 4 hour

View the the range of Unmanned Surface Vehicles and learn more about USVs for hydrographic surveys and monitoring

Tethered Boats

Trimaran Hydrologic Tethered Boats for ADCP Measurements

Riverboat ST Tethered Hydrologic BoatsBased around a rugged trimaran design, our hydrologic tethered boats provide a highly stable platform for the deployment of acoustic Doppler current profilers (ADCPs). Offering unmatched environmental data quality, these tethered boats  are deployed by hydrographers and hydrologists around the world, and can be equipped with a range of radio communications and GPS positioning instruments or customized to deploy depth sounders.

Riverboat SP Tethered Hydrologic BoatRiverboat SP
Deployment platform for StreamPro ADCP
Typical Water Velocity: 0.6-3 m/s
Maximum Water Velocity: 3.6 m/s

High Speed Riverboat Tethered Hydrologic BoatHigh Speed Riverboat
Tethered vessel for fast flows
Typical Water Velocity: 3-5 m/s
Maximum Water Velocity: 6.09 m/s

Find out ore about our range of tethered hydrologic boats for ADCP Measurements

Underwater Profiling Floats

Autonomous profiling floats for data collection

APEX profiling floats provide autonomous sampling and observation of the water column for oceanographic research, with solutions available for all ocean solutions from the poles to the equator and for depths down to 6000m.

Teledyne Marine Current Profiling FloatAPEX Current Profiling Float
Electromagnetic induction measurement of water motion
Depth Rating: 2000m

water column profiling floatAPEX Standard
Low-cost Argo standard water column profiling float
Depth Rating: 2000m

BioGeoChem Autonomous Profiling FloatAPEX BioGeoChem
Autonomous profiling for biogeochemical analysis
Depth Rating: 2000m
Endurance: 4 years, 150 ascents

Find out more about APEX underwater autonomous profiling floats for data collection


Research: Oceanography / Hydrography

ROVs AUVs USVs for underwater oceanographic research

Teledyne Marine’s remotely operated and tethered unmanned surface vehicles provide reliable, accurate surveying of flow conditions and water quality in lakes, rivers, and coastal environments, even where access is limited and conditions are unsafe. Our underwater platforms can field a variety of sensors for robust data gathering at a range of depths.

Defense & Security

ROVs AUVs USVs for Defense applications

Teledyne Marine’s autonomous underwater vehicles provide unmatched capabilities for ISR (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance), search & rescue, and mine countermeasures, as well as asymmetric warfare training.

Energy: Oil & Gas

ROVs AUVs USVs for Energy il and gas applications

We provide industry-leading subsea solutions for oil and gas exploration and survey, as well as pipeline inspection and maintenance, hydrocarbon detection and more.

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