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Osprey AUV Modular long-range AUV with enhanced payload capacity
Osprey AUV

Modular long-range AUV with enhanced payload capacity

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Osprey AUV

The Osprey is an advanced AUV that iterates upon the proven Gavia design, delivering operational endurances of more than 24 hours while providing the same versatile modularity and keeping the 1000 meter depth rating. With a diameter of 324 mm, it can carry additional energy sources, and also features a host of new capabilities including an efficient rim drive thruster, an external data pod, increased capacity battery modules, a science bay, obstacle avoidance, and a forward-looking sonar (FLS) nose.

The AUV is comprised of five basic module types (propulsion, control, battery, payload and nose) as well as an optional Attitude, Depth, and Heading (ADH) module. Once connected all modules are discoverable and extendable. The Osprey utilizes Teledyne’s unique high-strength QuickLock Mechanism to join all modules and maintain watertight integrity. Mechanical and electrical blind-mating allows the vehicle to be quickly and easily assembled, reconfigured and disassembled.

The Osprey can be equipped with multiple optional sensors to suit the needs of defense, commercial and scientific users. These include:

  • Synthetic Aperture Sonar (SAS)
  • Multi-Beam Echo Sounder (MBES)
  • Side scan sonar (SSS)
  • Sub bottom profiler (SBP)
  • High resolution camera, laser scanning, and strobes