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Ready To Fly NDAA-compliant Industrial Heavy Lift Drones and Drone Parachute Systems

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Aero Systems West
Ready To Fly NDAA-compliant Industrial Heavy Lift Drones and Drone Parachute Systems
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Aero Systems West (ASW) is a leading developer of heavy-lift UAS (unmanned aerial systems) designed to carry almost any payload from high-precision sensors through to critical cargo. Our mission is to provide the most reliable solutions on the market, and to accelerate the integration of drone technology into everyday life.

Aero Systems West

We are backed by Nippon Kayaku, one of the most trusted names in safety systems innovation and manufacturing with over a hundred years of experience, and are committed to enhancing the standard of flight safety within the UAS industry.

We also provide a full range of custom design and engineering services, and have extensive experience in providing bespoke UAS solutions to both civilian and government customers.

custom drone design

Heavy-Lift Drones

Heavy Lift Industrial DronesOur industrial-grade heavy-lift multirotor drones are manufactured in the United States and constructed from aircraft-grade carbon fiber and aluminum, ensuring reliable operation under challenging and hard-wearing conditions in the field.

Equipped with an industry-standard ArduCopter flight stack, the rugged UAS are capable of full autonomy from takeoff through to landing.

All ASW heavy-lift drones can be customized to suit your unique requirements.

Portable industrial multirotor droneILM Industrial Quadcopter
Portable intermediate-lift multirotor drone with 11 lb payload capacity

Versatile heavy-lift droneHLM Industrial Quadcopter
Versatile heavy-lift drone with 31 lb capacity and maximum undercarriage space

Heavy-payload Industrial Hexacopter droneHLM Industrial Hexacopter
Heavy-payload drone with enhanced stability and 56 lb capacity

HLM Industrial Octocopter droneHLM Industrial Octocopter
Class-leading 66 lb payload capacity for specialized missions

Drone Parachute Systems

Drone Parachute Systems

Our PARASAFE emergency drone parachute is designed for unmanned aircraft with MTOWs of up to 25kg (55 lbs). Weighing just 900 grams, the compact system can be easily integrated into a wide range of commercial and industrial drone platforms, guaranteeing unparalleled safety and protection both for your expensive equipment and for people in the vicinity of your operations.

PARASAFE features proprietary initiation technology that ensures rapid and reliable deployment, and is IP54-rated for all-weather performance.

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Drone Custom Design & Integration Services

drone design and engineering services

We provide a full spectrum of design and engineering services that can help you achieve any UAS-related goal, whether you need custom payload integration, software development, or complete solutions built from scratch. Our multidisciplinary team of expert engineers work closely with you to ensure that all your requirements are met or exceeded, taking care of the full lifecycle from requirements capture to final production.

ASW operates a complete suite of in-house prototyping, manufacturing and test capabilities, including:

  • Industry-leading CAD/CAM software
  • CNC milling, routing and plasma cutting machines
  • 3D printers utilizing a variety of technologies including traditional and large-format FDM
  • Plastic thermoforming
  • PCB design and assembly
  • UAS propulsion test cells

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Drone Business Financing

We have partnered with U.S.-based Stearns Bank to offer a first-of-its-kind financing service that allows commercial UAS businesses to acquire the equipment they need to grow and flourish without requiring a significant upfront investment. With flexible agreements and predictable monthly payments, this service enables you to conserve working capital, and makes advanced drone technology accessible for small businesses.

This groundbreaking financing partnership between ASW and Stearns allows customers to finance a wide range of equipment, including ASW’s entire heavy-lift drone fleet, as well as custom engineering and UAV-related services.

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