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Autonomous UAS, Research & Inspection UAVs for Industrial Inspection, Survey & Mapping

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Autonomous UAS, Research & Inspection UAVs for Industrial Inspection, Survey & Mapping
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Black Swift Technologies is a leading developer of specialized state-of-the-art unmanned aerial systems (UAS) for flying scientific payloads in the most demanding of atmospheric environments and weather conditions.

Our purpose-built research UAVs are utilised around the world for a variety of missions, including the monitoring and assessing of wild fires, volcanoes, tornadoes, and hurricanes.

S1 Mapping UAV

Our autonomous UAS feature onboard augmented intelligent learning capabilities that provide early warning and diagnostics to predict system failures before they happen. This advanced technology allows for active navigation around obstacles and rugged terrain, making our systems ideal for safe and efficient beyond-visual-line-of-sight (BVLOS) operations.

Black Swift E2™ Inspection UAS

Autonomous quadcopter aerial inspection UAV

E2 Inspection Quadcopter

The Black Swift E2 is an advanced quadcopter inspection UAV that has been specifically engineered for high-accuracy, up-close structural and industrial inspections. Capable of fully autonomous operation, the E2 is able to leverage powerful computer vision and machine learning technologies to provide precise, reliable and safe navigation in complex environments while delivering real-time actionable data.

The Black Swift E2 carries its payload at the nose of the aircraft instead of the underside, allowing operators to obtain full sensor field-of-view even when looking vertically. Both the payload and UAV battery are easily field-swappable, and the battery position can also be adjusted depending on the weight the aircraft is carrying. A typical loadout for the E2 includes an RGB camera, laser positioning and guidance system and radio modem, but can be customized to individual mission requirements to include LiDAR, thermal and multi-spectral cameras, trace gas sensors, radiometers and more.

Inspection Quadcopter Drone

The highly mobile E2 can be easily folded down and fits into a custom carrying case for convenient transport and protection from potential damage during transit.


Frame Weight (empty) 1.42 kg (3.13 lbs)
Electronics and Battery Weight 3.83 kg (8.44 lbs)
Max Payload Weight 1.99 kg (4.39 lbs)
Max Takeoff Weight 8.78 kg (19.36 lbs)
Flight Time 62 minutes
Maximum Wind Speed Endurance 15 m/s (30 kts)

Black Swift S2™ Data Collection UAS

Scientific research UAV for demanding data collection applications

Scientific research drone

The Black Swift S2 is an advanced fixed-wing research UAV that has been custom-built for scientific research in demanding atmospheric conditions such as high altitudes, high levels of corrosive particulates, and strong turbulence. With a rugged airframe, high flight ceiling and extended endurance and range, the S2 is capable of autonomous launch, flight, and landing even in difficult mountainous regions.

Scientific Research UAV

The S2 features a convenient field-swappable payload system that encloses the sensor suite within the nose cone in front of the propeller, ensuring clean and uncontaminated measurements of the atmosphere. With a common power, data, and mechanical interface, different payloads can be rapidly swapped in the field without any specialized tools. Payloads can thus be field-calibrated separately from the aircraft, and different sensor suites can be rapidly deployed in successive missions using the same UAV extending the versatility of the aircraft.

Research drone

Black Swift Technologies has incorporated a variety of modular payload sensors for specialized applications onto the S2™, including:

  • Soil Moisture Mapping (L-band radiometer)
  • Wildfire Monitoring (CO2, CO, aerosol, RH, p and T trace gas sensors, multispectral camera)
  • Multi-Angular Remote Sensing (531nm band monitor, Tetracam Mini-Multiple Camera Array Imaging System, multispectral camera)
  • Volcano Monitoring (CO2 trace gas sensor, nephelometer, temperature, pressure, humidity and wind sensors)


Wingspan 3.0 m (10.0 ft)
Aircraft Weight 5.2 kg (11.5 lbs) nominal
6.6 kg (14.5 lbs) max
Max Payload Weight 1.4 kg (3 lbs) hand launch
2.3 kg (5 lb) rail launch
Flight Ceiling 6000 m (20,000 ft)
Speed 12 m/s (24 kts) stall
18 m/s (35 kts) cruise
Flight Time 110 min max
90 min nominal
Range 110 km (60 nm) max
92 km (50 nm) nominal
Maximum Wind Speed Endurance 15 m/s (30 kts)

SwiftCore UAS Flight Management System

SwiftCore UAS Flight Management System

Powering all our autonomous UAVs, the SwiftCore™ Flight Management System (FMS) delivers sophisticated real-time control, communication, and command. An intuitive interface for flight monitoring and mapping is provided via an Android tablet with our SwiftTab™ software. With easy gesture-based controls, SwiftCore™ FMS is designed for users to deploy their UAS in minutes and begin collecting data for immediate analysis and decision making.

Advanced smart control systems and application-specific sensor integrations provide industry-leading sensor-based control of the UAS, minimizing operator workload while improving the quality of the observed data by autonomously modifying the fl­ight path based on sensor inputs.

Drone Flight Management Software

SwiftCore™ has been approved and used for major scientific and research missions by NASA, NOAA and a growing list of commercial users. The fully customizable solution can be integrated into any UAS platform and customized to meet specific application requirements.


Atmospheric Monitoring

drone Atmospheric Monitoring

Our autonomous UAS solutions, featuring easily interchangeable payloads, are ideal for measuring selected gases and atmospheric parameters such as temperature, pressure, humidity, and 3D winds as well as more advanced measurements such as particle sizing and trace gases. These abilities add an invaluable contribution to the calibration and validation of data collected from ground and satellite-based methods.

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Wildfire Observation

drone Wildfire Observation

The Black Swift S2 has been selected by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) as its official sUAS Observation System (sUASOS) for wildfire measurements. The inspection UAV is fitted with specialist sensors for capturing and measuring a variety of gases, including CO2, CO, aerosol, RH, p, and T found in the wildfire plumes. The S2 also provides multispectral high-resolution maps of wildfires.

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Soil Moisture Mapping


Utilising the Black Swift S2 UAS with a passive microwave radiometer for soil moisture mapping provides a level of spatial and temporal resolution that has been previously unobtainable through traditional satellite-based remote sensing techniques. This allows specialists such as agronomists, crop consultants and farmers to diagnose problems and better understand the dynamics of soil drainage and moisture retention at typical root depths.

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Aerial Surveying & Mapping

drone Surveying Mapping

Our fully-integrated precision mapping and surveying solutions save time and costs and provide enhanced accuracy compared to traditional methods. Black Swift’s SwiftCore Flight Management System has been proven in a recent study to be the most accurate and precise FMS on the market today, making it ideal for gathering accurate data for precision photogrammetry.

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Construction & Mining


Our autonomous UAV can provide a host of benefits for project managers, mine engineers and other professionals working in labour-intensive industries. Applications include real-time data collection, stockpile monitoring, equipment tracking and site surveying, all while reducing risk, maximising safety and improving efficiency.

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