Low Noise Inertial Sensors: MEMS IMUs, GPS-Aided INS and 3-Axis Gyros

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Low Noise Inertial MEMS Sensors for UAVsGladiator Technologies is a leading provider of rugged, high-performance MEMS inertial sensors, specializing in low-noise systems for demanding environments. Our MEMS-based products are used in a wide range of unmanned systems applications, across Automotive, Aerospace, Defense, Marine and Industrial markets.

Our low noise inertial MEMS sensors and systems are ideal for unmanned vehicle platforms, including UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), UGVs (unmanned ground vehicles) and AUVs/UUVs (unmanned underwater vehicles), and have been used for navigation, flight control, image and platform stabilization and much more.

MEMS Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs)

Low Noise Inertial MEMS IMUs for UAV Navigation & Payload Stabilization

Our advanced Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs) are built for robust performance in the demanding environments often faced by unmanned systems. They feature environmental sealing, precision alignment, internal vibrational isolation as well as bias, scale factor and misalignment modelling over the entire operating temperature range.

All of our MEMS IMUs have a common messaging protocol that enables users to easily switch between performance settings without the need for system software changes. Compare the range >

LandMark™ 01 IMU – Ultra Small Standard IMU

The LandMark™ 01 is an ultra-small IMU that features our standard range of IMU capabilities and provides internally temperature compensated RS422/RS485 output at up to 2500Hz data rate of delta velocity and delta theta. It is a versatile choice for space-constrained applications that still demand outstanding performance.

LandMark01 IMU - ultra-small IMU

LandMark™ 005 IMU – Ultra Small Standard IMU

The LandMark™ 005 is our smallest and lightest IMU, weighing in at 18 grams with a size of 0.6 in3. With low noise and exceptional bias in-run and bias over temperature, it features all our standard IMU capabilities.


LandMark™ 007 IMU – Ultra Small, High Range IMU

The LandMark™ 007 is a high range lightweight IMU that is the smallest in its performance class. It features low noise gyros and accelerometers, enabling precision measurement in high vibration environments such as unmanned systems applications.

LandMark007 IMU - lightweight small IMU

LandMark™ 60 IMU – High Performance IMU

The LandMark™ 60 is our highest performing, low noise IMU that provides RS422/RS485 output at 5 kHz output and CANBUS 2.0B at 1MHz and is also available with analog output (MRM 60). It is ideal for applications requiring high inertial performance approaching FOG (Fibre Optic Gyro) class but at a lower cost.

LandMark60 IMU - High Performance IMU

LandMark™ 65 IMU – High Performance, High Range IMU

The LandMark™ 65 IMU IMU is our highest performing IMU with low noise and high dynamic range of 2000 deg/s gyros and 65g accelerometers. The rugged unit provides RS422/RS485 output at 5 kHz output and CANBUS 2.0B at 1MHz.

LandMark65 IMU - High Range IMU

MRM60 Analog IMU – Analog Output IMU

The MRM60 IMU is an Analog output version of the high performance LandMark60 IMU with low noise. It provides an easy-to read X, Y and Z analog output for both gyros and accelerometers, and is ideal for unmanned vehicle navigation and platform stabilization applications.

MRM60 IMU - Analog Output IMU

Product specification comparison:

In-Run BiasGyro NoiseAccel NoiseSizeWeight
LandMark™ 0110°/hr0.0035°/sec/√Hz0.09mg/√Hz1in³26g
LandMark™ 0055°/hr0.0028°/sec/√Hz0.075mg/√Hz0.6in³18g
LandMark™ 00710°/hr0.0045°/sec/√Hz6mg/√Hz0.7in³25g
LandMark™ 603°/hr0.0016°/sec/√Hz0.05mg/√Hz4.6in³115g
LandMark™ 655°/hr0.0016°/sec/√Hz0.035mg/√Hz4.6in³115g

GPS-Aided Inertial Navigation Systems (INS/GPS)

Integrated INS/GPS for Control, Navigation and Stabilization

Featuring the same rugged environmental sealing and protection as our IMUs, all our INS/GPS feature a 72-channel, 18Hz update rate GPS receiver and high-performance MEMS inertial suite, using state-of-the-art Kalman Filter algorithms to optimize inertial navigation for UAVs and other unmanned vehicles during short-term GPS outages.

All of our GPS/INS have a common messaging protocol that enables users to easily switch between performance settings without the need for system software changes.

LandMark™ 005 – Rugged, Ultra Low Noise INS/GPS

The LandMark™ 005 is a rugged low-noise INS/GPS that provides precise RS485 output of position, velocity and precision time, altitude, delta velocity, delta theta, heading, and pitch and roll angles. Its signature feature is the continued output of Kalman Filter INS position data even in the case of short-term loss of GPS.