MEMS Inertial Sensors: IMUs, GPS-Aided INS, Gyroscopes, Accelerometers, AHRS
LandMark™ 007 IMU High Dynamic Low-noise MEMS IMU
LandMark™ 007 IMU

High Dynamic Low-noise MEMS IMU

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LandMark™ 007 IMU

The LandMark™ 007 is a lightweight, high-speed IMU designed for highly dynamic environments and equipped with our state-of-the-art VELOX high-speed processing technology. It is ideal for precision measurement in high vibration environments such as unmanned systems applications.

Built for robust performance in the demanding environments often faced by unmanned systems, the inertial measurement unit features environmental sealing, precision alignment, internal vibrational isolation as well as bias, scale factor and misalignment modelling over the entire operating temperature range.

Size: 0.67 cubic inches
Weight: 25g
In-Run Bias: 4°/hr
Gyro Noise: 0.002°/sec/√Hz
Accel Noise: 5mg/√Hz