UAS Video Streaming Technology: Secure, Low-Latency, Live Video Streaming and Transmission Solutions

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UAS Video Streaming Technology: Secure, Low-Latency, Live Video Streaming and Transmission Solutions
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LiveU is a leading developer of live video broadcasting and streaming solutions for unmanned aerial and ground vehicles (UAV / Drone, UGV). With over 5,000 customers in 150 countries, our technology is trusted by a wide variety of broadcasters, government departments, public safety agencies and other organizations around the world.

The ability to view live drone video with high quality and low latency on any mobile/portable internet-connected device is a value that LiveU adds to situational awareness.

Our state-of-the-art high-reliability video products are based around our pioneering LRT (LiveU Reliable Transport) protocol and use unique IP bonding technology to enable live transmission from anywhere to anywhere over the public Internet.

secure drone video transmission

Secure UAS video transmission over cellular and traditional networks

LiveU’s LRT protocol provides low-latency video streaming over cellular 4G and 5G services as well as traditional wireless and wired IP networks. It enables multiple networks to be bonded together to ensure optimal connectivity and superior reliability.

Low latency Video Streaming for dronesLRT utilizes a suite of resiliency techniques to ensure that every bit of data reaches its destination as efficiently as possible. These include:

  • Forward error correction
  • Adaptive bitrate encoding
  • Packet ordering
  • Acknowledge & resend

LRT also features optional AES-256 encryption for cybersecure mission-critical applications.

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Drone streaming solutions for military and government agencies

LiveU’s extensive portfolio of secure live drone video transmission technology provides solutions for any government departments at any level. Civil and military drone teams can be equipped with superior situational awareness, resulting in vastly improved decision-making and more efficient operations.

The value of LiveU technology is the ability to enable the sharing and distributing of high-quality low latency live footage from the UAS for organizations to rapidly view and evaluate for situational awareness scenarios.

Drone streaming solutionsOur live drone video streaming solutions are also ideal for enhancing training exercises for law enforcement, emergency services and all branches of the military. Drills and exercises can be streamed live from the drone to control centers and commanders, and can be recorded for future analysis and insights.

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Visualizing Change: 5 Cutting-Edge Uses of Live Video in the Public Sector
The role of broadcast-quality drone video transmission in public safety is growing, due to the demand for effective situational awareness and command and control communication solutions.

Live UAS video streaming for public safety and emergency services

Our high-reliability transmission systems enable video from UAS and other robotic vehicles such as UGVs (unmanned ground vehicles) to be broadcast to any destination over the Internet, doing away with the need for complex networking setup. This makes them ideal for tactical users requiring rapid deployment, including emergency services, disaster response teams, and search and rescue.

drone video streamingLiveU’s video solutions can bond together multiple connections including cellular, Wi-Fi, Ethernet and SATCOM, ensuring resilient connectivity even in highly remote environments with challenging network conditions. Our products can be seamlessly integrated with existing VMS (video management systems) and situational awareness platforms, enabling live feeds to be shared for inter-agency cooperation.

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Case Study: LiveU in use for disaster recovery
Operating at catastrophe scenes worldwide, French-based International aid organization “Groupe de Secours Catastrophe Français (GSCF)” delivers minimal-delay drone streaming to limit damage and save lives.

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