Precision Electro-Mechanical Servo Actuators for UAVs

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Volz Servos is an expert manufacturer of electro-mechanical actuators for robotics, unmanned vehicles and many other applications. We have harnessed over 30 years of experience to create a product line that meets a wide range of operational requirements, providing value without compromising on quality and featuring state-of-the-art actuator technology.

In addition to providing off-the-shelf products, we can also develop a custom actuator solution to your exact requirements.

Servo Actuators for Unmanned Vehicles

Fully Redundant Actuators

DA 26-D Duplex Redundant Actuator

The DA 26-D actuator is designed for applications where reliability is of the utmost importance. Its two-channel redundant design means that the actuator can continue to operate even after one channel has failed.

The actuator incorporates a three-channel position sensor, as well as several diagnostic sensors that provide continuous information on current consumption, supply voltage levels and temperature readings. Data can be read out via the integrated serial RS-485 interface.

The DA 26-D actuator provides a peak torque of 12 Nm with a 28V supply, and 4 Nm in degraded (1-channel) mode.

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DA 26-D Duplex Redundant Actuator

Brushless Actuators

DA 15-N Brushless Actuator

The DA 15‐N is our smallest and lightest full brushless actuator, designed for use in harsh environments and tested for over 4000 hours. With a brushless motor and contactless position sensing system, the DA 15‐N greatly diminishes electromagnetic noise and is immune to wear, vibrations and shock. The HART‐coat treated aluminum housing is saltwater‐resistant and is IP‐67 rated for water and dust protection.

The DA 15-N actuator provides a peak torque of up to 60 Ncm at 6-16V.

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DA 15-N Brushless Actuator

DA 22-BLDC Brushless Actuator

The DA 22-BLDC is a brushless version of our proven DA 22 actuator, featuring rugged IP67-rated construction for harsh environments, rigorous testing to MIL-810G standards, and a contactless position sensing system for wear-free operation and long lifespan.

The actuator features various housing options, including mechanical compatibility with the original DA 22 for drop-in replacement, as well as a submersible version. Volz also offers customization possibilities for the actuator housing and connectors.

The DA 26-D actuator provides a peak torque of 3.5 Nm and is available in either 12V or 28V versions with PWM or RS-485 interface options.

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DA 22 BLDC brushless actuator

DA 30 Brushless Actuator

Our 30mm class of actuators features a brushless motor and a contactless position sensor for maximum service life and reduction of electromagnetic emissions. The HART‐coat treated aluminum housing is saltwater‐resistant and is IP‐67 rated for water and dust protection.

Diagnostic information such as motor and electronic board temperature, internal humidity, current consumption and supply voltage levels can be read using the RS 485 interface.  There are several communication interface options available: opto‐coupler PWM, TTL PWM, serial RS-422, or RS-485 with 2-wire, 4-wire and redundant RS 485.

The DA 30 actuators provide a peak torque of 16 Nm at 28V.

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DA 30 Brushless Actuator

Throttle Servo Actuators

DA 20-TS Throttle Servo

The DA 20-TS throttle servo is a fully programmable, compact fly-by-wire actuator for direct installation on the throttle valve shaft of a combustion engine. It is IP-67 rated, immune to shock and vibration and designed for use at high temperatures.

The RS-485 digital serial command interface can be used to monitor the shaft position as well as diagnostic information such as the supply voltage, the current consumption, and the temperature of the electronics.

The DA 20-TS provides a peak torque of 30 Ncm at 28V.

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DA 20-TS Throttle Servo