BVLOS Communications, ADS-B Transceivers & Receivers, Mode-S Transponders for Drones, UAVs

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ADS-B Sense and Avoid Solutions for UAS

uAvionix is a manufacturer of lightweight, low footprint communication, navigation and separation solutions for small drones/sUAS/UAVs. Our certified ADS-B, Mode S transponder, and GNSS devices allow customers to safely and reliably operate unmanned aircraft in civilian airspace.

ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast) technology helps aircraft operators sense and avoid possible collisions. ADS-B has been mandated by the FAA for all aircraft in the U.S. National Airspace by 2020.

BVLOS Communications – Data Links, Command & Control Radios

Our data link radios and Command and Control (C2) frequency modulated radios provide point-to-point or networked communications for Beyond Visual Line of Sight  (BVLOS) UAV operations.

MicroLink BVLOS Data Link

MicroLink is an aviation grade, miniature, Beyond Visual Line Of Sight (BVLOS) data link radio specifically designed for long range, robust, Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) telemetry data links. Ideal for size, weight, power and performance sensitive applications, MicroLink operates in the 902-928MHz ISM band where no FAA approval is needed.


UAV Drone BVLOS Data Link

  • Dual radio architecture for true diversity
    • Path (spatial) diversity
    • Frequency diversity
    • Polarization gain
  • Dynamic Medium and Multiple access, time and position synchronized, to support 100s of simultaneous links
    • Adaptive time and frequency spreading
  • Global Positioning System (GPS) Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) link synchronization
  • Status, integrity and health monitoring
  • Environmental RTCA/DO-160G
  • Software RTCA/DO-178C Level C
  • Complex Hardware RTCA/DO-254 Level C

Drone Data Link System Diagram

SkyLink CNPC Terrestrial Command and Control Radio

The SkyLink Command and Non-Payload Control (CNPC) Data Link is a Command and Control (C2) frequency modulated radio intended for BVLOS point-to-point or networked UAS operations.

Each SkyLink unit includes dual radios which enable “make before break” (MBB) connectivity when transitioning from one ground station to the next. MBB ensures a solid handoff between one operator using one ground station to another operator using a second target ground station by ensuring the target has a solid connection before releasing control from the initial operator.

skyLink UAV Data Link

Input Power11 – 34V, 16W peak
Radio Band960 - 1164MHz
Transmit Power10W Nominal

ADS-B Receivers

Our ADS-B receivers provide real-time situational awareness to UAS autopilots and ground personnel.

pingRX ADS-B Receiver


pingRx is the smallest and lightest ADS-B receiver in the world. Weighing in at just 1.5 grams and measuring 32mm x 15mm x 3mm, pingRX is a low-footprint, highly affordable sense-and-avoid solution for unmanned aircraft.

pingRX is capable of detecting commercial aircraft threats on 1090 MHz and 978 MHz frequencies within a 100 statute mile radius in real time. It also features direct MAVLink integration with the widely-used Pixhawk UAV autopilot module and open-source APM Mission Planner application.

Weight1.5 grams

pingRX ADS-B Receiver

pingStation Dual-Band Network-Ready ADS-B Receiver

pingStation ADS-B Receiver

The pingStation dual-band, network-ready ADS-B receiver that can detect ADS-B equipped aircraft on 1090MHz and 978MHz, within a 150-mile radius in real time. It can be permanently mounted outdoors and can be used in harsh environmental conditions – the Power-Over Ethernet (POE) interface is enclosed in an IP67 rated protective enclosure.

pingStation provides ground, surface, or low-altitude ADS-B surveillance within line of sight of the antenna, with range dependent upon the output power of the transmitting ADS-B transceiver.

Voltage/Power44-57V / 500mW
Size4.75”X2.0”X3.25” (box)
9.5” (antenna)
Weight340 grams

pingStation Dual Band ADS-B Receiver

pingUSB Dual-Band ADS-B Receiver


pingUSB is a USB interface version of the pingRX dual-band ADS-B receiver. Featuring an integrated antenna and a Micro-USB connector, pingUSB provides accurate, high-quality tracking data for ground-based identification and visualization of aircraft in real time.

pingUSB easily integrates with software such as Virtual Radar Server and services including ADS-B Exchange.

Weight5 grams

pingUSB Dual Band ADS-B Receiver

ADS-B Transceivers

Our ADS-B transceivers allow UAS to transmit key identification and flight information to nearby aircraft and ground stations in real-time.

ping2020i ADS-B Transceiver, with Integrated GPS Source and Barometer

ping2020i integrated ADS-B GPS & Baro

ping2020i combines the ping2020 ADS-B transceiver with the FYXnav GPS navigation source and an integrated barometer. This all-in-one ADS-B solution is easy to install and integrates with Pixhawk Autopilot and DJI drones.

Weight25 grams

ping2020i integrated ADS-B GPS and Baro

ping1090i ADS-B Transceiver, with Integrated GPS Source and Barometer

ping1090i integrated ADS-B GPS & Baro

ping1090i combines the ping1090 ADS-B transceiver with the FYXnav GPS navigation source and an integrated barometer. This all-in-one ADS-B solution is easy to install and integrates with Pixhawk Autopilot and DJI drones.

Weight25 grams

ping1090i integrated ADS-B GPS and Baro

Mode S Transponders

Our Mode S Transponders enable UAS to communicate with air traffic control and manned aircraft.

ping200x Multi-Mode ADS-B Transponder

Designed to meet the Transponder and ADS-B requirements for operating UAS in controlled airspace, the ping200X is a complete system that is fully configurable as any combination of Mode A, Mode C, Mode S transponder and Extended Squitter ADS-B transmitter.

The system includes a barometric sensor with accuracy beyond 60,000ft, and weighs in at only 50g.

ping200x ADS-B UAV Transponder

Input Power11 – 34V, 1.5W Continuous On/Alt, 4W peak (8ms max)
Weight50 grams
1090MHz Transmit Power250W nominal

ping200Sr ADS-B Transponder, with Integrated GPS Sensor and Barometer

ping200Sr Mode S UAV Transponder

The ping200Sr system combines a Mode S ADS-B Out transponder with an integrated, high integrity WAAS GPS sensor and a precision, temperature controlled, barometric pressure sensor with accuracy beyond 80,000ft.

Weighing less than 80g with a compact form factor, the system is designed for system integrators looking to meet the conspicuity requirements for operating UAS in controlled airspace. The GPS and transponder antenna are both remotely mountable, providing flexible installation.

ping200Sr compact Mode S transponder

Input Power11 – 33V, 2W Ave On/Alt, 1W Standby
Weight76 grams
1090MHz Transmit Power250W nominal

ping20Si Mode S ADS-B Transponder

ping20si Mode S ADS-B drone transponder

Weighing just 20 grams, the ping20Si is the world’s smallest and lightest 20W Mode S ADS-B transponder with integrated GPS and barometer. It allows unmanned aircraft to respond to Mode S radar interrogations by ATC and TCAS, and also transmits ADS-B on 1090MHz. Requiring no autopilot integration, the ping20Si can be simply powered and wirelessly programmed.

ping20si Mode S ADS-B transponder

Input Power11 – 16V, 1W Ave On/Alt, 0.5W Standby
Weight20 grams
1090MHz Transmit Power20W nominal

GPS Position Sources

Our GPS navigation sources provide accurate position data to ping ADS-B transceivers and transponders.

truFYX SBAS Global Positioning System

truFYX is the world’s first TSO-certified SBAS GPS position source designed specifically for UAS autopilots and ADS-B OUT solutions. The system incorporates the GPS receiver and antenna into a single 24mm radius waterproof enclosure weighing just 20g.

By using truFYX as the primary position source for autopilots and ADS-B, UAS designers can reduce onboard GPS count, saving vital space and weight.