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Advanced ROVs - Remotely Operated Vehicles - for Underwater Inspections

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Advanced ROVs - Remotely Operated Vehicles - for Underwater Inspections
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Deep Trekker is a leading manufacturer of advanced remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) for demanding commercial, industrial and environmental missions. Our durable and portable underwater robotics systems are ideal for a wide range of offshore and underwater inspection applications, including aquaculture, energy, search & rescue, defense, and ocean and environmental science.

Deep Trekker Revolution ROVOur innovative state-of-the-art ROVs have been created with our customers’ needs foremost in mind, taking into account valuable feedback and experience in the field.

We pride ourselves on our customer service, and experienced senior ROV team members are just an email or phone call away.

DTG3 underwater robotDTG3 ROV PIVOT NAV ROVPIVOT ROV REVOLUTION remotely operated vehicleREVOLUTION ROV
Observation-class mini ROV rated to 200M (656 ft) Portable survey ROV rated to 305M (1000 ft) Highly maneuverable ROV rated to 305M (1000 ft)

REVOLUTION Remotely Operated Vehicle

Advanced underwater ROV rated to 305m

Deep Trekker ROV

The REVOLUTION is our flagship ROV, providing fast, flexible expeditionary underwater capability that can be deployed within minutes. The unique design features a revolving head that allows operators to rotate the ROV camera, manipulators, and sonar, all while automatically station holding in moving water.


REVOLUTION Remotely Operated Vehicle

Powered by six robust vectored thrusters, the highly maneuverable platform is capable of lateral movement as well as precise forward and backward turning, and is ideal for complex deep ocean missions at depths of up to 305 metres. The vehicle and all components are powered completely by internal batteries, which can be swapped out quickly and easily in the field and provide up to six hours of operation on a single charge.

REVOLUTION is available as a standard package or an upgraded NAV Package which includes enhanced USBL and DVL capabilities for advanced positioning as well as autonomous operation.

PIVOT Remotely Operated Vehicle

Portable and versatile underwater ROV rated to 305m

PIVOT ROVThe PIVOT ROV provides a perfect balance between size and power, featuring a powerful six-thruster design that is 13.4% smaller and 20 lbs lighter than our REVOLUTION ROV.

The versatile and portable system is depth-rated down to 305 metres and is ideal for a range of inspection, survey and maintenance applications.

PIVOT features separate rotating camera and tool platforms for flexible imaging and manipulation capabilities from a highly stable position. The camera is capable of rotating up to 220 degrees, while the tool platform can rotate through 97 degrees.

The PIVOT ROV is available as one of three off-the-shelf packages tailored to a range of mission requirements.

DTG3 Remotely Operated Vehicle

Intelligent commercial-grade underwater ROV rated to 200m

Underwater drone

The DTG3 is an observation-class mini ROV designed for quick deployment and low-maintenance operation. Fitting completely into just one case, the highly portable system is ready to go in under a minute and provides a mission endurance of up to eight hours on a single charge.

DTG3 underwater robot

With three thrusters and a patented pitch system for rapid descent, the DTG3 features automatic stabilisation and station holding, with reliable, intuitive controls that provide the smoothest possible underwater piloting.

The internal low-latency ROV camera rotates through 270 degrees for maximum situational awareness, and the platform can also be fitted with a variety of additional sensors, manipulators, and sonars to accommodate a wide variety of underwater inspection operations.

The DTG3 ROV is available as one of four off-the-shelf packages tailored to a range of mission requirements.


law enforcement rov

Product comparison:

DTG3 underwater robotDTG3 ROV PIVOT NAV ROVPIVOT ROV REVOLUTION remotely operated vehicleREVOLUTION ROV
Depth Rating 200M (656 ft) 305M (1000 ft) 305M (1000 ft)
Number of Thrusters 3 6 6
Vectored Capability No Yes Yes
NAV Package Capabilities No Yes Yes
Weight 18 lbs 35 lbs 55 lbs
Battery Life Up to 8 Hrs 2 -3 Hrs Up to 6 Hrs
Swappable No (Hybrid) Yes Yes
Recharge Time 1.5 Hrs 1.5 Hrs 3 Hrs
Direct Power Option No Yes Yes
Sonar Rotation 180° 97° 260°
Camera Rotation 270° 220° 260°
Grabber Rotation 180° 97° 26°

Universal Product Features

Advanced ROV robot technology for intelligent integration

Our advanced underwater ROVs are powered by BRIDGE technology, a proprietary hardware and software suite that leverages multi-core processing to provide a set of high-tech features seamlessly across all our robotic platforms.

BRIDGE provides intelligent integration of a range of sensors and payloads such as Tritech sonars and underwater GPS, with the flexibility and scope for future third-party products. It also enables capabilities such as sensor fusion and positioning sensor optimization, and camera enhancements such as underwater image optimization, auto-stabilization, and zero-latency operation.

Deep trekker Mini ROV

High-resolution camera modules

All of our ROV packages are equipped out of the box with a standard 1080p camera, with the option to upgrade to an enhanced custom 4K camera.

The Full HD 1080p standard camera is ideal for a wide variety of missions, and uses smaller file sizes for extended videos. The enhanced 4K camera upgrade delivers ultra-sharp videos for capturing the finest details or irregularities during underwater inspections. The extra-wide lens on the 4K upgrade also allows more content to fit on screen and provides superior detail at shorter focal lengths.

Easy-to-use handheld controller with multi-feed display

handheld ROV controllerEach Deep Trekker ROV is also supplied with a lightweight handheld controller allowing you to view underwater sonar, map positioning, and video feed all on one easy-to-read screen.

The controller also provides an HDMI output that allows you to extend the display to larger screens such as a laptop or monitor.

Webinars and Live Demos

We are running a series of live webinars and live product demonstrations. Join us to hear from industry experts and see our latest technology advancements.

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