Robotic Solutions for Maritime Surveys

  • Webinar Type On Demand
  • Date April 10, 2020
Have Eyes Underwater with Submerged Robotic Solutions

On April 10th, Deep Trekker maritime specialist, Carter Sinclair hosted a webinar for robotic solutions that aid in underwater surveys.

Discussing all the fully submersible vehicles that Deep Trekker has to offer. Everything from remote-first hull inspections to underwater port security.

What you’ll Discover

  • Compact and extreme maneuverability for inspection of confined spaces
  • 270 degree camera rotation to quickly view the bottom of the hull
  • Avoid unnecessary down time in deploying a dive team or lifting out of water

Who you will meet

Carter is a Business Development Representative focusing on Commercial Diving, Search and Rescue and Maritime industries. With a passion for customer experience, he is dedicated to providing exemplary service. A natural ambassador and advocate for exploring new technologies.