Advanced ROVs - Remotely Operated Vehicles - for Underwater Inspections
PHOTON Remotely Operated Vehicle The ultimate portable and toughest micro ROV on the market.
PHOTON Remotely Operated Vehicle

The ultimate portable and toughest micro ROV on the market.

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PHOTON Remotely Operated Vehicle

Weighing under 10kg, built with industrial-grade materials and paired with magnetically coupled drives to ensure durability in the harshest condition.

Lightweight, durable and the rotating 4k camera makes PHOTON the toughest little ROV on the market. Powered by six thrusters, engineered with aluminium and carbon fiber shell, acrylic lens cover and stainless steel components, it ensures durability and advanced surveying in the harshest of conditions.

With advanced capabilities to expand with additional tools and sensors such as DVL, USBL, and sonar, it is ideal for any inspection operation. The PHOTON also offers flexible power options; lithium-ion batteries or a direct power kit to suit your inspection needs.

While the PHOTON may not be able to accommodate multiple add-ons, it compensates with lateral movement through its vectored thruster configuration.

Weighing under 20 pounds and its ability to contain within a Pelican case, the ROV is easily portable. The battery tube is certified for both passenger and cargo airplanes for convenient travel.

Straightforward Operations
With a 7" LCD controller, the ROV allows users to be trained quickly. The lateral movement simplifies navigation and its sensor fusion capabilities unlocks map position tracking for autonomous station keeping.

PHOTON Packages

PHOTON Base: The Base package includes enhanced 4k camera, LED floodlights, interchangeable battery, 100m tether and tether reel, BRIDGE integrated software and carrying cases for reliability.

PHOTON NAV: The NAV builds on the base package by providing additional features that includes a moving map tracking capability, autonomous stabilization features and tool skid with grabber to ensure operation in high current scenarios.

All PHOTON Packages include a 7" BRIDGE integrated controller, heavy-duty tether reel, comprehensive sensor integration and at least 1-year warranted to ensure uninterrupted operation.