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In the Box: Deep Trekker REVOLUTION ROV

By Deep Trekker / 19 Nov 2020
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In this video Deep Trekker talk through what is included in the box when purchasing the REVOLUTION advanced underwater ROV.

The REVOLUTION is a fast, flexible expeditionary ROV that can be deployed within minutes. The unique design features a revolving head that allows operators to rotate the ROV camera, manipulators, and sonar, all while automatically station holding in moving water. The ROV and all components are powered completely by internal batteries, which can be swapped out quickly and easily in the field.

The complete standard REVOLUTION package includes the ROV, controller, a two-function grabber arm, a laser scaler and a 300m tether. A wide range of additional payloads and accessories are also available for integration into the REVOLUTION ROV, including multibeam imaging sonars, USBLs, chemical sensors, auxiliary cameras and manipulator arms.

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