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Remote Wind Turbine Blade Inspections

Feature Article by Deep Trekker
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Deep Trekker highlights the benefits of using the A-200 portable, battery-operated submersible crawler system for remote visual inspections of wind turbine blades.

Remote Wind Turbine Blade Inspections

As many existing wind farms enter their second decade of service, and new builds are being exponentially pursued, the need for inspections and maintenance is increasing quickly. Offshore wind farms are particularly subject to degradation due to the salt-laden air, higher wind velocities, and prolonged UV exposure.

Utilizing over a decade of design principles from building underwater robotics under the Deep Trekker brand, Pipe Trekker manufactures the industry’s first truly portable, battery-operated submersible crawler system.

Constructed of machined aluminum and steel alloy, Pipe Trekker’s A-200 crawler comes with a handheld controller that utilizes Pipe Trekker’s in-house software for a truly seamless experience, reducing the learning curve for new operators. The A-200 also benefits from a modular design, allowing operators to adjust the vehicle to fit different terrains or diameters.

Deep Trekker’s article Performing Remote Visual Inspections of Wind Turbine Blades covers:

  • How are Turbine/Blade Inspections Performed
  • The Pipe Trekker Difference
  • Kruger Energy Case Study

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