Micro and Nano Miniature Connectors for Unmanned Systems

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Omnetics Connector Corporation makes the industry’s best Nano and Micro miniature connectors and interconnection solutions.

Omnetics Connectors for Unmanned Vehicles

Omnetics connectors succeed in the harshest environments in aerospace, robotics, aviation and defense, and are amongst the smallest high-reliability connectors in the world.

Our connectors, mountings and terminators comfortably surpass mission-critical requirements of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), while remaining lightweight, compact, and durable.

We offer a wide range of Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) products. However, if you can’t find what you need, we will design and make custom connectors to meet the most demanding specifications. With over 25 years’ experience in the miniature connector and interconnection systems industry, Omnetics’ products are second to none.

Omnetics Connector Range

Micro Connectors

Rugged and highly reliable Micro and Micro Miniature Connectors

Omnetics Right Angle Micro Circular Connector

Our high-reliability Micro Connectors incorporate a rugged, military grade Flex-Pin contact system, spaced on 50 mil (1.27mm) centerlines.

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Micro Circular Connectors

The Micro Circular series are compact yet protected, with a mating length of less than 12.4mm. Male and female contacts are both shrouded by plastic insulators, creating a rugged connection system that can survive high shock and vibration while lasting over 2000 mating cycles. Versions include Straight, Right Angle Thru-Hole, Solder Cup, and Pre-Wired.

If your technology requires even greater resistance to shock and vibration, we offer the same Micro Connectors in Metal Shell versions. Sealed up to IP67 rating, the connectors can incorporate a variety of metals and finishes, along with either threaded, break-away, or twist-lock sealing mechanisms.

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Micro Strip Connectors

Micro Strip Connectors offer an extremely small form factor connector package, and are ideal for compact applications that still require high-reliability. We offer Single Row, Dual Row and Dual Row Offset configurations, each with a wide variety of terminations, including Horizontal and Vertical SMT, Flex Mount, Thru Hole, Solder Cup and Pre-Wired. Standard sizes range from 2 up to 97 connections (depending on series) and custom configurations are also available.

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Micro-D Connectors

Built to meet or exceed MIL-DTL-83513, our rugged Micro-D connectors are perfect for aerospace and Unmanned Vehicle Systems, where high-reliability is critical.

The gold-plated flex pins withstand more than 2000 mating cycles, while giving the connector an extremely high tolerance to shock and vibration.

This compact design can be configured with 9 to 51 contacts. Termination styles include pre-wired, Surface Mount (Horizontal, Vertical or Edge), Flex Circuit Mount, Thru-Hole (Straight or Right Angle), solder cup and jumper.

We offer Discrete Wired variants with optional over-molding, and the Saver and Jumper variants. Our connectors can be manufactured for environments up to 260°C.