Micro and Nano Miniature Connectors for Unmanned Systems

Omnetics Introduces Latching Micro-D and BiLobe Connectors for High Shock and Vibration Applications

By Caroline Rees / 18 Apr 2013
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Small, lightweight connectors are high strength and easy to use, ideal for military, aerospace and medical equipment sectors.

Omnetics - Latching Micro-D and Nano-D ConnectorsOmnetics Connector Corporation’s new Latching Micro-D™ and BiLobe® connectors use a squeeze-latch system that offers significant advantages in making quick cable connections to mating connectors and panel equipment.

In addition to being very small and lightweight, the new latching connectors, available at both 25 and 50 one-thousands of an inch spacing have passed extensive shock and vibration testing, including pull testing that exceed 100-pound pull force. The new push-and-latch design significantly reduces the time and effort required to plug a Micro-D or Nano-D connector into a circuit. It eliminates the use of screwdrivers and hand tools.

Applications served include portable electronic modules and instruments used in a wide range of rugged applications. Unmanned vehicles, optical surveillance, and flight deck test equipment require quick connect and disconnect methods not readily available before in a rectangular-shaped connection system.

These highly rugged connectors with their compact designs are built with aluminum alloy 6061 shells plated with nickel (Other materials are available). Contact counts range from 9 to 51 positions.

Latching Panel MountOmnetics uses a one-piece beryllium copper flex pin design, plated with nickel/gold for robust service that operates from -55 degrees to +125 degrees C. Wired connectors include 26 AWG Teflon® insulated copper wire that provides up to 3 amps per line on micro sizes and offer 30 and 32 AWG wiring for the Nano-sized connectors.

A wide range of wire count and cables can be designed into custom back-shells for long-range ruggedized service. Cable systems include braided shields to reduce electrical noise interference, (EMI) and cross talk.

Digital signals from optical surveillance systems, low-voltage differential signals and even lower current power supplies are applying the quick-change design features of the new latching connectors. The latching connectors offer high reliability, lightweight, rugged, quick-connection systems and have become the perfect fit for many miniaturized equipment designs. Conversion from the older jackscrew designs is done by adding a simple “latching adapter.”

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