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Integrated Radio Systems, RF Power Amplifiers, Bi-Directional Amplifiers & Consultancy Services for UAV & Unmanned Systems

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Integrated Radio Systems, RF Power Amplifiers, Bi-Directional Amplifiers & Consultancy Services for UAV & Unmanned Systems
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Triad RF Systems is a leading designer and manufacturer of integrated radio systems, RF power amplifiers, bi-directional amplifiers, assemblies and custom multi-functional amplifier systems for UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), drones and other unmanned systems.

With decades of accumulated expert knowledge in designing, manufacturing and servicing RF power components we offer a wide range of state-of-the-art solutions that push the limits of size, efficiency and linearity. Our high-performance products are ideal for aerospace, military and defense applications, particularly for the demanding environments of unmanned vehicle systems.

TRIAD Integrated Radio Systems

Rugged high-power radios for UAV communications

TRIAD Amplified Radio SystemThe Triad High Power Radio (THPR) series features high-data rate, long-range radio links for unmanned systems that are easy to integrate and deploy. Combining high-power RF subsystems with proven core radios, these rugged low-SWaP integrated radio systems are ideal for long-range UAS communications and military MANET (Mobile Ad Hoc Networking) applications.

Our THPR modules advanced active power control and equalization circuitry to prevent any possible drift issues, delivering ultra-stable RF output power and signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and providing unmatched RF link robustness.

Triad High Power Radio systems can cover UHF, L, S, C, X and Ku bands, and are available in three different form factors for ultra-low-SWaP unmanned systems, rugged wheeled/tracked/maritime systems, or rack-mounted chassis applications in large unmanned vehicles. Our team of engineers and application specialists can provide full support, tailoring the radio to your unmanned system.

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RF & Microwave Power Amplifiers (PA)

Rugged RF Power Amplifiers for UAV Applications

RF Power Amplifiers

Our rugged solid-state RF power amplifiers are ideal for unmanned vehicle applications such as UAV data links. We select the best FET technology for the application, maximizing linearity while minimising DC power consumption and thus heat emission.

All of our power amplifiers have DC sections with advanced features including protection against over, under, and reverse voltage conditions. We also offer modules with our Versatile DC Supply (VDSTM) technology, eliminating the need for external DC converters and resulting in greater overall system efficiency.

In addition, we have integrated monitoring and control sections that are powered by microprocessor, FPGA and CPLD ICs. These provide functions such as RF power measurement, temperature monitoring, DC monitoring to the device level, and many other configurable alarms and warnings that can be tailored to the customer’s system requirements.

Our RF Amplifiers are available in frequencies up to 18 GHz, with bandwidths of 200-800 MHz for standard models and up to 12000 MHz for broadband. Custom-modified versions of these COTS amplifiers are also available upon request.


Model Freq. Low (MHz) Freq. High (MHz) Psat (Typ) Tx Gain (dB) Supply Voltage (Vdc) Size (in.)
TA1056 20 1000 46 50 27-30 4 x 2.3 x 0.85
TA1217 30 2700 39 36 12-30 3.25 x 2.42 x 0.54
TA1216 300 6000 45 45 12-28 3.75 x 2.3 x 0.95
TA1264 300 6000 45 45 12-28 3.75 x 4 x 0.95
TA1120 380 470 36 28 9-14 2.7 x 1.3 x 0.339
TA1017 1700 2400 45 27 10-28 4.93 x 2.53 x 0.7
TA1109 2000 2500 36 28 9-14 2.7 x 1.3 x 0.339
TA4002R 4400 5000 40 23 10-30 2.73 x 2.53 x 1.313
TA4310 5000 6000 47 28 12-28 5.3 x 3.25 x 0.6


Triad TA1216 UAV Power Amplifier

TA1216 300-6000 MHz 32 W

Triad TA1217 UAV power amplifier

TA1217 30-2700 MHz 8 W

Triad TA1109 UAV Power Amplifier

TA1109 2000-2500 MHz 4 W

Triad TA1120 UAV Power Amplifier

TA1120 380-470 MHz 4 W

Triad TA1017 UAV power amplifier

TA1017 1700-2400 MHz 50 W

Bi-Directional Amplifiers (BDA)

Low-noise bi-directional RF amplifiers for UAV data links

Bi-Directional AmplifierOur low-SWaP (size, weight and power) bi-directional amplifiers are ideal for unmanned vehicle applications, such as extending the useful range of high-speed data links. These high-linearity, low-noise amplifiers are already in operation on several different unmanned aerial and ground vehicle platforms, including the Penguin B, Bat 12 and Shadow M2.

We use whichever FET technology (GaN, GaAs, or LDMOS) best suits the customer’s application, maximizing linearity while optimizing DC power consumption to preserve mission life.

Models operate in bands from 20 MHz to 8.5 GHz.  Typical RF power values for the transmit section are 12/25 Watts of RF power for BPSK, 9/12 Watts for QPSK, 8 Watts for 16 QAM and 5 Watts for 64 QAM.  The receive section features a low-noise amplifier with 11 dB of gain, with a typical noise figure of less than 2.5 dB.


Model Freq. Low (MHz) Freq. High (MHz) Tx Gain (dBm) Supply Voltage (Vdc) Rx Noise Figure (dBm) Rx Gain (dBm) Psat (Typ) Size (in.)
TTRM1116 1200 1400 20 10-28 1 12 46 4.93 x 2.53 x 0.7
TTRM2002 2200 2500 25 10-30 2.5 15 40 2.3 x 2.3 x 0.45
TTRM2005D 2200 2500 25 27.5-28.5 2.5 12 3.4 x 2.6 x 0.65
TTRM3000 2200 2700 26 10-28 2.1 15 43 5.6 x 3.25 x 1.5
TTRM4000 4400 4700 25 10-14 2.5 10 47 5.3 x 3.25 x 0.6
TTRM4002R 4400 5000 25 10-14 2.5 15 40 2.73 x 2.53 x 1.313


Triad TTRM1116 UAV bi-directional amplifier

TTRM1116 1200-1400 MHz 40 W BDA

Triad TTRM3000 UAV bi-directional amplifier

TTRM3000 2200-2700 MHz 20 W BDA

Triad TTRM2002 UAV bi-directional amplifier

TTRM2002 2200-2500 MHz 10 W BDA

Triad TTRM4000 bi-directional Amplifier

TTRM4000 4400-5000 MHz 50 W BDA

Triad TTRM2005d UAV bi-directional amplifier

TTRM2005D 2200-2500 MHz 25 W Dual BDA

Triad TTRM4002R UAV bi-directional amplifier

TTRM4002R 4400-5000 MHz 10 W BDA

Engineering Consultancy Services

Engineering Consultancy ServicesWe also provide consultancy services for UAV and other air to ground RF links, including RF Link Budgeting, airframe/antenna analysis and troubleshooting, EMI/EMC investigation, as well as training pertaining to pre-post flight testing to ensure you get the most out of your RF data link.

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RF Systems for Counter UASCounter-UAS and Anti-Drone Systems

Modern counter-UAS systems, designed to identify, jam and defeat a wide range of drones, often require complex software-defined radios with advanced RF amplification. Our COTS and custom ultra-compact RF and bi-directional amplifiers and multi-function RF modules are tailored for maximum efficiency while supporting highly modulated waveforms such as OFDM.
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RF for Electronic WarfareElectronic Warfare

Triad’s high-efficiency COTS power amplifiers, featuring multi-octave broadband operation, flat power and gain characteristics, and compact size, are ideal for a wide variety of SIGINT, ELINT, electronic attack and jamming applications.
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ISR Data Links for UAVISR Data Links for UAVs

Our Advanced Data Link division develops complete ISR data link packages that can extend the LOS (line of sight) range of your UAV to 150 nautical miles. Our radio-agnostic solutions can operate on standard or nonstandard frequency bands, with initial radio link integration achievable in a matter of days.
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