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Successful Naval Defense with MIMO & MANET Radios

By Mike Ball / 03 Oct 2020
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Triad RF naval defense tech briefTriad RF Systems has released a tech brief that details the use of MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) MANET (Mobile-Ad-Hoc Networking) radios in dynamic naval environments. Modern maritime operations often involve the co-ordination of naval vessels with a large number of varied assets, including unmanned systems such as UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) and USVs (unmanned surface vessels).

Download the full tech brief from Triad’s website here

Communications links designed for use in such environments must be able to transmit and receive large amounts of information over great distances to an increasing number of nodes, and must also be able to deal with threats that seek to jam communications or use radio signals to locate and target the vessels.

The tech brief covers:

  • The advantages and disadvantages of traditional communications methods, including HF radio, VHF, UHF radio, and SATCOM
  • The introduction of software-defined radios (SDRs), MIMO and MANET
  • Challenges faced in maritime environments, including signal polarization, increased reflection, temperature changes and air density variation
  • Maritime MANET design considerations, including frequency and bandwidth selection, antenna location and polarization, error correction and power output

The high capacity and dynamic self-forming/self-healing capabilities of MIMO/MANET radio systems makes them ideal for challenging maritime environments, and many variables much be considered in the design and selection of these systems. To find out more, download the full tech brief from Triad’s website.

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