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Triad High Power Radio Integrated into Tactical Mini-UAS

Published: 30 May 2020 by

BlueBird SpyLite Mini-UAS

Triad‘s THPR high-powered integrated radio system has been selected by Bluebird Aero Systems for integration into the SpyLite electric mini-UAS (unmanned aerial system), a platform designed to provide covert, over-the-hill real-time situational awareness. In order to enable long-range operations, Bluebird required an amplified radio solution that provided a good signal-to-noise ratio and consistency over long distances while also being compact and lightweight.

Triad’s THPR series contain integrated SDRs (software defined radios) that are amplified for higher output power, and are ideal for ISR (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) missions at ranges of greater than 50km with high bandwidth requirements. They are available in L-band, S- band and C-band versions.

The SpyLite drone can operate even in severe weather conditions, providing a flight endurance of 3-4 hours and a communication range of over 50km (extendable up to 80 km). The high-reliability unmanned aircraft is fully autonomous, providing a very and stable ISR platform and supporting real-time video or tactical mapping on demand requirements in open and urban areas. It is well suited to a variety of missions, including military, peacekeeping, law enforcement, search and rescue, disaster management and commercial applications.

The SpyLite system has flown over 10,000 operational sorties in the service of several international customers, and has been in operational use by Israeli defense forces since 2006.

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