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Drone Launch Pads, Stabilized Platforms for UAV Take-Off & Landing

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Drone Launch Pads, Stabilized Platforms for UAV Take-Off & Landing
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STABLE is a developer of innovative launch and landing stabilized platforms for UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) and drones.

Drone landing platform on deck

Utilizing high-precision sensors to characterize movements in the environment, our drone platforms are automatically adjusted by computer-controlled electrical actuators, compensating for movements of up to 30 degrees and eliminating the effects of roll, pitch and sideway forces.

STABLE rotation
STABLE translations

Innovative Gyro-Stabilized Platforms

stabilized drone landing platformOur gyro-stabilized pads provide a perfectly horizontal launch and landing surface for drones operating in highly demanding and dynamic maritime and offshore environments, and also allow unmanned aircraft to land on moving ground vehicles.

Elimination of platform movement is also essential for the successful calibration of drone payloads and sensors, such as LiDAR, radar and other imaging systems, prior to take-off.

uav landing pad

Fully Customizable Drone Platforms

Our drone take-off and landing stations are fully customizable and can be adapted to UAVs of all sizes and to a wide range of military, commercial and industrial operational requirements.

The platforms are fully electric, consume limited power, may run on 12V or 24V, lightweight, fully scalable, and are manufactured for offshore & marine environments.

STABLE onboard Drone launch padstable drone take off platform

Below are some examples of how our stabilized platform technology has been integrated into launch and landing pads.

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Use Cases

Euro Pallet-Format Drone Landing Pad

stabilized drone landing padOur stabilized UAV landing pad technology can be adapted to standard single or double Euro Pallet sizes. The base of the system can be securely strapped to the deck of a vessel, and a weather-protective curtain protects the system’s electronics and mechanical components from rain and sea spray.

stabilized uav landing pad
Euro pallet uav landing pad
Euro pallet drone landing pad

Containerized Drone Landing Platform & Hangar

We have integrated our stabilized drone launch pad technology into a containerized hangar designed for UAV-based inspection and servicing of offshore wind farms, oil rigs, tidal energy installations and other facilities.

Stable Containerized Drone Landing Platform

Take-off, landing and sensor calibration can all be highly challenging under the dynamic conditions caused by waves and harsh weather. Our stabilized platform technology ensures that drones always have a perfectly horizontal platform to operate from, resulting in accurate, efficient take-off and landing.

Stabilized Drone Landing PlatformIn addition, the containerized enclosure also provides a convenient storage and maintenance space for the drone, protecting it from the elements when not in use.

Our UAV and drone take-off and landing pads provide a wide variety of additional benefits for offshore applications:

  • Reduces reliance on manned helicopters and offshore supply vessels, thus cutting costs and well as emissions
  • Reduces the risk of accidents and injury to personnel
  • Eliminates delays caused by harsh weather, thus in turn reducing downtime and making operations more efficient
  • Allows both drone operators and energy providers to maximise the economic benefits of drone-based delivery, inspection and maintenance, improving the offshore and green energy sectors all round

The containerized system is currently being utilized in a joint project between Griff Aviation, ship operator Olympic Subsea and NORCE (Norwegian Research Centre)/UiT The Arctic University of Norway.

Brochure Download
Download the brochure for our innovative stabilized launch and landing platforms for UAVs and drones

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