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Enhanced Accuracy for Drone Stabilization Platforms

By Mike Ball / 08 Feb 2022
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Stable Containerized Drone Landing Platform

STABLE, a developer of stabilized platforms for UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) and drones, has confirmed that it has successfully implemented new algorithms that provide stabilization accuracy of up to 99 %, thus paving the way for applications that demand extreme accuracy and increasing the robustness of the technology’s high-frequency use-cases.

The illustration below shows data captured from an actual platform stabilization, with boat movements (in blue) of +/- 11 degrees roll and 6 second roll period, and the remaining movements of the STABLE platform with +/- 0.15 degrees roll (in orange).

STABLE platform stabilization accuracy

STABLE has been challenged by several clients pursuing use-cases with short roll periods (e.g. up to 0.5-1 Hz). With such frequencies, the regulation process can be seriously impacted by delays, noise, and environmental disturbances. By combining sensors, optimizing filters, and creating new algorithms, STABLE has now improved from 90 % roll/pitch suppression up to 99 % for specific use-cases.

Rune M. Eriksen, CSO and Partner at STABLE, commented: “Being able to meet requirements from applications that demand extreme accuracy opens up new use-cases within the radar, lidar, VSAT and sensor markets, as well as improving our “classical” applications such as drones/UAVs. Improving quality of data and increasing the weather window is leading to enhanced profits, reduced expenses, and improved operating efficiencies for the end user. This technical milestone is a result of dedicated development by our R&D Manager Petter Gøytil and keeps us as the frontrunners for the majority of challenging stabilization use-cases on land and at sea.”

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