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High Performance RF & Microwave Antennas for UAVs, Robotics, USVs and Unmanned Marine Vehicles

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Southwest Antennas
High Performance RF & Microwave Antennas for UAVs, Robotics, USVs and Unmanned Marine Vehicles
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Southwest Antennas is a leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance RF antennas, microwave antennas and accessory products for military, defense, law enforcement, homeland security, broadcast video, and other commercial applications. Founded in 2005, our products are manufactured in San Diego, California.

MTS Antenna
Southwest Antennas MIMO / MANET sector antenna on AVwatch MTS auto-tracking system

Our RF antennas and microwave antennas are deployed on unmanned and autonomous systems both domestically and internationally, and can be found on ground control stations, handheld controllers and video receivers, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs), and unmanned marine systems.

All Southwest Antennas products are radio agnostic and can be used with almost all SISO or MIMO / MANET radio systems on the market today. Additionally, we’ve designed specifically for tactical radio systems and multi-port MIMO/MANET systems.

Iridium & GPS L1 Antenna

Location Service and SATCOM Antenna

Iridium & GPS L1 SATCOM AntennaThis lightweight and compact hemispherical passive antenna is designed for use on the Iridium worldwide satellite communication and location service network.  Providing both transmission and reception, it enables two-way voice and data communication from anywhere in the world.

The antenna also supports GPS L1, providing timing and location for any attached radio system that supports GPS reception. It has been designed with a wide 120-degree hemispherical coverage area to capture as much sky as possible and reduce satellite acquisition time.

GNSS Active Antenna

Rugged GPS & GLONASS L1/L2 patch antennaSouthwest Antennas GPS & GLONASS patch antenna

Our GPS & GLONASS Active L1/L2 patch antenna is ideal for commercial, industrial and tactical military unmanned systems PNT (position, timing, and navigation) applications.

Featuring a built-in LNA (low-noise amplifier) and filtering, it provides high performance even in contested and congested RF environments.

The low-profile radome gives it a minimal footprint, and the custom black chrome SMA(f) RF connector provides waterproofing and allows users to fully customize cable length and type for mounting locations away from the receiver. An innovative magnetic mount, integrated flush into the radome, provides quick securing to and removal from any ferromagnetic surface.

Horizontally Polarized Directional Patch Antenna

Small form factor L- and S-band antenna

Horizontally Polarized Directional Patch Antenna

This directional patch antenna, designed for L- and S-band applications, provides horizontal polarization when installed with the RF connector facing down, and can also be deployed for vertical polarization requirements.

With a frequency range of 1.7 – 2.5 GHz, it is ideal for a wide variety of unmanned systems communication needs in defense, law enforcement and 2.4 GHz ISM applications. It can also be used to facilitate MIMO and MANET mesh networks for drones and robotics.

Half-Wave Dipole Omni-Antenna

Half-Wave Dipole Omni-Antenna

Low-SWaP C-band antenna

This rugged small form factor omni-directional antenna covers the 4.4 – 5.9 GHz frequency range with 3.2 dBi of peak gain. It features an integrated strain relief spring, covered by a weatherproof heatshrink seal, protecting the RF connector and attached system from damage.

The rugged construction and small, lightweight form factor make it ideal for space- or weight-constrained UAVs and UGVs.

Ultra-Flex Omni-Directional Antennas

Compact, rugged omni-directional sector antennas, with integrated environmentally sealed spring base

Ultra-Flex Omni-Directional AntennasOur line of Ultra-Flex Omni Antennas are designed to offer high-performance communication in a small package, ideal for unmanned ground systems. Featuring an integrated sealed spring base which can bend ±90 degrees from vertical, reduces the risk of damage to the antenna or mated radio RF connector if the antenna is struck by another object. This feature is especially well-suited to ground robotics platforms which may encounter low-hanging obstacles while in operation.

Our Ultra-Flex are also deployed on UAV systems with the ground clearance and payload capacity to support external antennas.

Available from 902 MHz to 6,000 MHz in a variety of band and RF connector options. Our Ultra-Flex antennas are also waterproof to 20 meters when mated to a waterproof RF connector.

Southwest Antennas omni-directional antenna and magnetic mounting kit utilized on a MUTT unmanned vehicle at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, California. Photo: John F. Williams, US Navy
Omni-directional antennas for UGVs
Images courtesy of Carnegie Robotics.
Ultra-flex omni-directional-antenna-on-vehicle-with-uav

Gooseneck Omni-Directional Antennas

Versatile RF antennas and microwave antennas with integrated, flexible coaxial gooseneck base

RF Gooseneck antennasOur line of gooseneck omni-directional sector antennas are widely deployed on unmanned ground systems, handheld control units, tactical radio systems, and ground control stations.

The integrated RF coaxial gooseneck base allows the RF antenna to bend and hold non-vertical angles, which is particularly important on handheld controllers or other radio systems that are not resting on a flat vertical surface.

Custom slant angles can also be deployed when used in MIMO and MANET mesh radio systems, delivering enhanced polarization and spatial diversity, especially in environments where multipath propagation can be utilized.

Cylindrical Sector Antennas

Sector antennas housed in a compact, cylindrical radome

Cylindrical Sector AntennasOur cylindrical sector antennas are ideal for use on base stations for control and communication with aircraft at a distance or near the horizon, and are often deployed with other omni-directional antennas.

These directional sector antennas are housed in a compact, cylindrical radome which makes them easy to transport and set up. An arrow on the top of the radome denotes signal transmission and reception direction.

More Information: Cylindrical Sector Antennas


Omni-directional slant antennas designed for multi-port MIMO / MANET radio systems

Multi-Port MIMO:MANET Omni-Directional AntennasOmni-directional antennas engineered specifically for use with multi-port MIMO / MANET radio systems.

Featuring slant left and slant right polarization, improving polarization diversity and performance in high multipath environments, while a variety of mounting options and choice of two or four ports provides operational flexibility.

Suitable for unmanned and autonomous ground systems, base stations, fixed site infrastructure, or for use on larger UAV systems.

MIMO/MANET Omni-Directional Antennas for UAS
Image courtesy of NASC and NASA.

Multi-Port MIMO / MANET Directional Sector Antennas

Single-band multi-port antennas for MIMO / MANET radio systems

Multi-Port MIMO : MANET Directional Sector AntennasOur single-band multi-port sector antennas allow for focused sectorial area coverage with MIMO and MANET systems.

Ideal for ground control systems or other fixed site infrastructure, they are available with beamwidths from 60° – 120°, and in two, three, or four port variants.

Dual-band multi-port antennas for MIMO / MANET radio systems

Southwest Antennas dual-band sector antennasWe also provide dual-band sector antennas, with an innovative design that allows for many advanced features, such as rapid band-switching for anti-jamming applications, or separating network traffic by band based on environmental operating conditions.

They feature a choice of 90 or 120 degree sectorial coverage for smaller or larger operating areas, with L/C or S/C band options. Several can be deployed together for complete 360 degree area coverage, and the included mounting kits with adjustable downtilt allow permanent installation on buildings or communication towers.

UAV Directional Sector Antenna
UAV Directional Sector Antenna 2

Concealment Antennas

L, S and C-band antennas for embedded applications

Our compact, lightweight concealment antennas are ideal for UAV and unmanned systems designs where the antenna must be completely integrated inside the vehicle due to risk of damage during motion.

All concealment antennas can be tuned to optimize performance once located inside specific enclosures.

omni concealment antenna
concealment antenna

More Information: Concealment Antennas

RF Filter Modules

Improve radio system performance and simplify installation

filter-modulesSouthwest Antennas offers a wide range of RF filter options for environments where interference from nearby transmitters may be causing issues for vehicles or control systems.

Our line of compact and robust RF filters allow for all-weather operation. These RF filters are bi-directional and can be installed in either direction.

More Information:  Filter Modules

Vehicle Mount Omni Antennas

L, S & C band antennas with NATO & USA vehicle mount brackets

Vehicle Mount Omni AntennasOur range of omni antennas for UGVs (unmanned ground vehicles) and robotic platforms can be mounted to 6-hole NATO or standard 4-hole USA vehicle mounting brackets. With options for L, S and C bands, these antennas provide 360-degree azimuth coverage and are compatible with most leading tactical radio systems.

The rugged antennas are IP67-rated, and have been designed with heavy-duty spring bases that allow them to survive snags and significant impacts.

More Information:  Vehicle Mount Omni Antennas

Vehicle Mounting Kits

IP67-rated permanent RF antenna mounting kits

We offer mounting kits for permanent vehicle deployments, enabling omni-directional antennas to be robustly installed for mobile applications. Compatible with antennas using one of five RF connector types, the kits provide IP67-rated ingress protection and a maximum VSWR of 1.5:1.

Each kit is provided with 17 feet of integrated LMR-195 low-loss RF cable with pigtail lead, and users can select an RF connector that mates with their radio from a choice of nine different types.

antenna mounting kits

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