Rugged Ultrasonic Wind Sensors for UAVs/Drones & Ground Control Stations

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FT742 Surface Mount Ultrasonic Wind Sensor for DronesFT Technologies is a specialist designer and manufacturer of high-performance Acoustic Resonance wind sensors, also known as anemometers. Our ultrasonic wind sensors are compact, lightweight and deliver reliable wind speed and direction data in the toughest of climates and weather conditions.

The small footprint, light weight and ease of integration of our wind sensors make them ideal for meteorological applications in the defense and aerospace sectors, such as on board unmanned vehicles and at UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) ground launch and recovery stations. The drone ultrasonic sensors achieve high accuracy within the measured air speed range of 0-75m/s, and have been used as a pitot tube replacement on fixed-wing UAVs. With full 360° air speed direction measurement, they are ideal for station-keeping and hovering on quad-rotor UAVs, as well as dynamic positioning control in gusty and turbulent environments.

We are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified, and all of our wind sensors undergo a rigorous battery of vibration and shock, waterproofing and sealing, temperature and EMC tests to ensure reliable service, even in the harshest of environments.

FT205 Drone Ultrasonic Sensor

Lightweight wind sensor for UAVs

FT205 drone ultrasonic sensorThe FT205 is a lightweight high-performance wind sensor designed specifically for UAV applications. Manufactured from a graphite and nylon composite, and weighing only 100g (3.5oz) with low power requirements, the ultrasonic sensor is ideal for flight control and environmental monitoring applications on SWaP-limited platforms.

The compact size and shape provides the FT205 with a physically strong structure. The wind sensor is resistant to electrical interference and is also fully sealed and water-resistant. It is able to operate at altitudes up to 4000m and at temperatures between -20°C and +70°C.

The ultrasonic sensor provides highly accurate wind speed, wind direction and air temperature data, and also features a built-in compass. It can be mounted to either to a pole or to flat surface.