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FT Technologies Case Study: Measuring wind conditions on overhead power lines

By FT Technologies / 11 Nov 2021

In this case study video, FT Technologies demonstrate how their FT742-SM (Surface Mount) wind send sensor was integrated into a Laki Power power line monitoring station to help monitor wind conditions in harsh climates and remote areas. The FT742-SM ultrasonic wind sensor can operate in a high voltage environment, withstand extreme heat, cold and ice, is compact and lightweight, maintenance-free and easy to integrate. Measuring wind conditions in remote areas has always been a challenge but this solution will help TSOs, DSOs and meteorological offices.

The FT742-SM features a built-in compass and is also designed to be integrated on moving vehicles. Small, low power, extremely rugged, and weighing only 252g, the FT742-SM is extensively tested and certified for vibration and shock resistance.

The high speed anemometer achieves high accuracy within the measured air speed range of 0-75m/s, and has been used as a pitot tube replacement on fixed-wing UAVs.

With full 360° air speed direction measurement, the SM enables station-keeping and hovering on quad-rotor UAV’s, as well as dynamic positioning control in gusty and turbulent environments.

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