Durable, Efficient Hybrid Drone Engines & Propulsion Systems for Commercial UAVs

Durable, Efficient Hybrid Drone Engines & Propulsion Systems for Commercial UAVs
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UAVHE is a leading developer of hybrid propulsion systems for commercial UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles). We are committed to developing more environmentally-friendly unmanned aviation solutions that deliver significant savings to our clients not only in fuel costs but also in time, enabling drones to fly further and get more done in a single flight.

Our highly durable and efficient hybrid drone engines are developed in-house, and rigorously put through their paces in our state-of-the-art testing and climate simulation facilities, which are unique within Europe.

The advantages of hybrid engines for drones

UAVHE hybrid UAV engines combine the advantages of both electric and combustion technologies, leveraging the energy density of gasoline and the manoeuvrability of motors.

hybrid drone engine

Our hybrid electric propulsion solutions deliver longer flight times for the same takeoff weight compared to purely electric systems, and consume less fuel than combustion-only aircraft. UAVs equipped with our engines are easy to control, making them accessible to pilots with a wide range of skill levels and experience.

uavhe hybrid UAV enginesAll our engines are precision-machined from aerospace-grade materials, and have been engineered with a two-stage fuel injection system and an electric starter and booster. With a durable, low-vibration design, they are highly resistant to collisions and extremes of weather. Other key features include:

  • Advanced autotuning
  • CANbus control
  • Extensive telemetry and self-diagnosis capabilities
  • Electronic torque control and in-cycle torque compensation

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Integration support for custom drone designs

hybrid engines for dronesUAVHE provides expert design and integration support for drone developers creating new concepts and prototypes for commercial, industrial and public safety UAS.

We can help you select the best hybrid propulsion solution for your new platform, and can customise our existing products to suit specific requirements and withstand harsh conditions such as moisture, dust, and extremes of temperature.

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Hybrid UAS propulsion systems

We currently offer five models of hybrid electric propulsion engine for UAS:

hybrid engine for UAVsGT1-124

  • Ultra-lightweight 2-stroke single-cylinder engine
  • Integrated 22 kW generator
  • Ideal for sustained operations at constant speeds
  • Designed for helicopter UAVs

Twin-engine hybrid electric propulsion unitPT2-124

  • Twin-engine propulsion unit with integrated transmission
  • Dual 124cc 29hp two-stroke engines, each with cooling and ignition systems
  • Integrated 11 kW generator/starter/booster
  • Electronically-synchronized coaxial rotors

hybrid UAV enginePT1-124

  • Compact 2-stroke single-cylinder engine
  • Integrated 11 kW generator/booster
  • Ideal for sustained operations at constant speeds
  • Designed for VTOL UAVs

hybrid engine for droneRW1-300C

  • Wankel rotary engine with low-vibration operation
  • 11 kW generator and reversible electric booster/starter
  • Electric supercharger for enhanced performance at high altitudes
  • Integrated transmission and variable pitch propeller hub

RW1-79 hybrid UAS engineRW1-79

  • Aircooled Wankel-based auxiliary power unit
  • Integrated 11 kW generator
  • Delivers 16 groupable output channels at 48V each
  • Designed for fixed-wing and VTOL UAVs
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