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Ultra-Thin Conformal Coatings for Mission-Critical Electronics & PCB Assemblies Within UAVs & Robotics

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HZO, Inc
Ultra-Thin Conformal Coatings for Mission-Critical Electronics & PCB Assemblies Within UAVs & Robotics
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HZO is a leading provider of ultra-thin conformal coating solutions for the protection of mission-critical electronics and PCB assemblies within UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) and robotics.

Our robust coatings are ideal for drone OEMs and systems integrators looking to enhance the reliability and longevity of their products even under the harshest of environments, and are suitable for mass manufacturing applications. We offer a variety of options, including conformal coatings that meet ASTM and military standards.

parylene conformal coatings for mission critical electronics

We offer complete turnkey solutions that ensure foolproof protection for your electronics, and are uniquely customized for your manufacturing and budget requirements. Our proven processes integrate expert knowledge with advanced materials science and state-of-the-art equipment, and we have the capacity to undertake production runs of any size, allowing you to scale up to quantities of up to millions of units.

conformal coating solutions

Lightweight, ultra-thin conformal coatings for drones & robotics

Our thin-film coatings provide a lightweight alternative to bulkier traditional methods such as potting, with almost no added weight to the assembly. The result is highly reliable electronic systems with no impact upon SWaP (size, weight and power) budgets, payload capacities or flight times.

protective coatings for dronesConformal coatings protect sensitive drone and robotic systems electronics from a wide range of environmental stressors that can cause shorts, corrosion, and other faults. These factors include:

  • Rain and snow
  • Dust
  • Salt spray
  • Humidity
  • Chemicals and pollution
  • Extremes of temperature

HZO’s rugged hydrophobic coatings ensure enhanced resilience under even the most challenging conditions faced by industrial, aerospace and military-grade systems, allowing your UAVs and autonomous vehicles to keep operating when failure is not an option.

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Coating options for ruggedized electronics

We offer a variety of lightweight and ultra-thin conformal coatings to suit a wide range of operational requirements.

HZO Guardian Series

Parylene thin-film conformal coatings

Guardian parylene coatingsOur Guardian ultra-thin parylene coatings are applied using a chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process, resulting in a highly uniform, pinhole-free and ultra-thin protective barrier that penetrates every space and wraps around every edge. These films typically range from around 2 to 25 microns in thickness, achieving robust protection against water damage, corrosion and electrical failure in a fraction of the amounts required by conventional coatings.

Parylene offers a variety of highly desirable properties, including excellent dielectric performance, good abrasion resistance, superior chemical resistance, and low thermal expansion. It also features very low levels of outgassing, making it ideal for satellite and space applications.

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HZO Sentinel Series

Plasma-based nanocoating

Sentinel plasma-applied nanocoatings provide protection at the molecular level, and are ideal for coating printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs) as well as individual connectors and semiconductors.

Sentinel plasma-applied nanocoatingsThese cost-effective hydrophobic coatings protect against a wide variety of liquids and gases while ensuring that your electronics stick to weight limits and precision thicknesses.

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HZO Defender Series

Ultra-thin conformal coatings using atomic layer depositionALD ultra-thin coatings

HZO’s Defender coatings provide pinhole-free protective coverage at the nanometer scale, with unparalleled precision control over the film thickness. They are ideal for complex 3D structures and geometries and difficult-to-protect surfaces that can be highly challenging to coat uniformly with other technologies.

Defender ALD (atomic later deposition) coatings include nontoxic materials and deliver ultra-low moisture and gas permeability even up to very high temperatures, as well as robust protection against radiation, outgassing and oxidation.

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To find out more about which coating solution is right for your specific drone or robotic vehicle application, please get in touch for expert advice.

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