Ultra-Thin Conformal Coatings for Mission-Critical Electronics & PCB Assemblies Within UAVs & Robotics

Finding the Best Drone Conformal Coating

HZO discusses the various conformal coatings that can protect drones operating in adverse environments, and outlines the benefits of its Parylene coating properties for drones Feature Article by HZO
Finding the Best Drone Conformal Coating
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HZO has released a blog post delving into the world of conformal coatings for drones, using understanding of the application environment and associated electronic reliability challenges to help drone manufacturers decide on a coating. Read more >>

The company also explores the properties of each conformal coating material to determine if these properties will meet user application requirements.

Specifically, in the full post HZO goes into details of its own Parylene coating, listing its benefits:

  • Thinner and Lighter
  • Excellent Conformality, Pinhole and Defect-free
  • Beneficial Parylene Conformal Coating Barrier Properties for Drones
  • HZO Parylene Conformal Coatings for Drones

There may be perceived challenges with scalability or cost, but it also may be the best conformal coating for many projects. The film has long been used in the aerospace industry for its impressive properties that significantly increase electronic reliability within aircraft.

Read the full article, or visit the HZO website for more information.

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