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Underwater Robotic Vehicles (ROV & AUV) for Inspections, Observation and Videography

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Underwater Robotic Vehicles (ROV & AUV) for Inspections, Observation and Videography
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Boxfish Robotics, a New Zealand-based underwater robotics manufacturer, is dedicated to leading the underwater robotics revolution by continuously innovating. Our solutions capture the secrets of the underwater world with unprecedented clarity.

Professional Underwater ROV

We are experts in the design and manufacture of cutting-edge remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) and hovering autonomous underwater vehicles (HAUVs) that empower humans to explore, understand, and work within the underwater world. Our pioneering technology excels in challenging conditions, serving a wide range of industries, including submerged asset inspection, marine science, scientific expeditions, offshore energy, aquaculture, biosecurity, and cinematography.

underwater robotics

ARV-i – Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

Resident AUV for long-duration inspections & monitoring

arvi resident Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

Designed in collaboration with Transmark Subsea, the ARV-i is a resident AUV developed specifically for the persistent monitoring of underwater assets. With the ability to stay underwater for up to 12 months at a time, it is ideal for offshore energy installations, oil and gas platforms, wind farms, aquaculture and fisheries.

Designed for fully autonomous operation, the vehicle uses a combination of pre-programmed information and AI capabilities to locate and observe underwater assets. It can automatically return to its docking station when required for wireless battery charging and transfer of collected data.

Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV)
Resident AUV technology

The vehicle can also be manually piloted from anywhere in the world using wireless or fixed IP connections through 4G/Internet tether extension adapters. Tethered options are available for applications requiring uncompressed 4K video stream or higher-rate data transmission.

Boxfish Luna – Cinematography Underwater Drone

Advanced submersible ROV for professional underwater cinematographers

Cinematography Underwater rov

The Boxfish Luna is an advanced video ROV for professional cinematographers, delivering 8K video and 50MP image capture at depths of up to 1000 metres.

With a choice of Sony A7SIII or Sony α1 cameras, and a new 200mm precision optical dome, the Boxfish Luna allows filmmakers to easily capture underwater environments with unparalleled detail and clarity.

underwater Cinematography ROV

Eight 3D-vectored thrusters and six degrees of freedom allow the ROV to orient itself in any direction. Fine control, active stabilisation and ultra-precise movements let the operator achieve steady shots with ease.

The 4K UHD 17-inch Boxfish Console provides convenient video monitoring and communications from the surface. Users have full control of vehicle positioning and camera parameters such as exposure, white balance, zoom and lighting.

professional rov robot for Cinematography

The Boxfish Luna can be easily set up and deployed by a two-person crew in just minutes. The subsea ROV can hover 15 hours per battery charge, with actual run time dependent on operational conditions, and can be charged in the field with an optional power pack or via a boat power socket.


Dimensions: (L x W x H) 714mm (28in) x 435mm (17in) x 351mm (14in)
Weight: 27kg (59.5lbs) with salt water ballast installed
Dive Time: Up to 15 hours (depending on conditions)
Tether Dimensions: Length 200m (656ft) – optional 3,000m+ (10,000ft+)
Lenses: Sony FE 16-35mm f/4 Zeiss Lens
Lights: 2 x 8,500 lumen, high CRI, dimmable

Camera options:

Sony A7SIII Sony ⍺1
Video Quality Full-frame up to 4K 10-bit 4:2:2 120p Full-frame up to 8K 10-bit 4:2:0 30p
Stills resolution 12MP 50MP
Sensitivity Up to ISO 409,600 Up to ISO 102,400

Boxfish ROV – Remotely Operated Vehicle

Professional ROV for underwater inspections, observation and remote expeditions

The Boxfish ROV is an advanced video ROV system that delivers sharp, uncompressed, near-zero latency 4K video. Weighing just 23 kg, it can be easily setup and launched within minutes by a crew of two, and is able to operate at depths of up to 500m as standard, with options for 1000m and beyond.

Eight 3D-vectored thrusters provide six degrees of freedom of movement, allowing the underwater robotic vehicle to travel and orientate itself in any direction and operate even in tight spaces and strong currents.

Professional ROV - Underwater Inspection Vehicle

The submersible ROV’s uncompressed main 4K underwater video camera is complemented by two additional built-in ultra-wide-angle navigation cameras, offering unprecedented surround visibility and superior situational awareness. Two 8,500-lumen lights provide excellent illumination allowing image capture even in total darkness.

The control station includes a 17 inch 4K monitor for crisp image and video viewing, as well as a 10 inch screen that displays footage from the ultra-wide angle cameras.

underwater remotely operated vehicle

The Boxfish ROV can operate for up to 14 hours on a single charge, and sealed quick-access ports allow it to be charged easily in the field. In case of unexpected difficulties, the subsea ROV’s fault-tolerant design allows it to continue to operate even with several fouled thrusters. If communication is lost, the underwater robotic system will automatically return to the surface under its own power.

High-Accuracy Underwater Photogrammetry

Underwater Observation 4K Underwater Video CameraThe Boxfish ROV has been engineered for high-resolution 3D underwater photogrammetry, with an uncompressed 4K video stream, six degrees of freedom movement and actively stabilised platform.

Underwater assets are quickly and easily captured from all angles with optimal lighting to ensure complete and accurate models. High resolution crisp and clear images result in the highest quality 3D photogrammetry products.

Inspection ROV robot - Console panel with fish

USBL Positioning

The Boxfish ROV can be enhanced with an optional navigation package that includes a USBL (ultrashort baseline) positioning system for position tracking and control. A USBL transponder is mounted or suspended from the mother vessel, wirelessly communicating via high-frequency sound waves with a beacon installed on the ROV.

For real-time position monitoring, an included GPS module can be attached to the USBL system on the vessel. Positioning software combines the data from the USBL transponder and the GPS module to calculate and display the absolute global position of the ROV on the Boxfish Control Station or on a separate laptop.

underwater exploration robots


Dimensions: (L x W x H) 714mm (28in) x 435mm (17in) x 351mm (14in)
Weight: 24kg (53lbs) with salt water ballast installed
Depth Rating: 500m (1,640ft) / 1000m (3,300ft)
Dive Time: 4-14 hours (depending on conditions)
Tether Dimensions: Diameter 2.7mm (0.11in) – optional 1.9/3.7/4.3mm
Length 350m (1150ft) – optional 3,000m+ (10,000ft+)
Tether Strength: 113 kgf (249lbf) – optional up to 560kgf (1,235lbf)
Cameras: 4K uncompressed main camera and 2 navigation cameras
Lights: 2 x 8,500 lumen, high CRI, dimmable

Boxfish Alpha ROV

Next-generation ROV for inspection & observation

boxfish alpha rov

The Boxfish Alpha is a next-generation underwater ROV designed for inspection, observation and light intervention work. Based on the design of our proven 1000m Boxfish ROV, Alpha includes eight thrusters for six degrees of freedom of movement, allowing it to travel and orient itself in any direction and navigate under highly challenging conditions.

inspection ROV

The versatile vehicle is easy to operate and can be deployed rapidly with minimal setup. The integrated 4K camera with 6x zoom allows users to live-stream or capture detailed footage, making it ideal for non-intrusive inspection and monitoring of underwater assets. Profiling sonars can also be used to create detailed 3D models.

underwater inspection ROVWith auto-stabilization and precision control, Alpha is also ideal for a range of maintenance tasks, and can be equipped with optional tools such as manipulators, line cutters, grabbers, and jaws. Additional accessories include USBL systems, Doppler velocity logs (DVL), and laser scalers.

More information: Boxfish Alpha ROV

Accessories & ROV Equipment

We offer a wide range of ROV equipment and accessories that allow you to extend the functionality of your underwater drone even further. These include:

USBL systems

USBL systems
for ROV tracking and backup wireless communications

Multibeam imaging sonars

Multibeam imaging sonars – for navigation and to locate stationary or moving objects

ROV Altimeters

maintain a consistent height over the bottom during operations

ROV Doppler Velocity Log (DVL)

Doppler Velocity Log (DVL) – provides estimation of velocity relative to the sea bottom

ROV Manipulator & grabbers

Manipulator & grabbers – allow the operator to conduct a range of operations

Laser Scalers – facilitate simple length measurements to understand object scale


underwater inspectionsInspection ROV

Boxfish is ideal for obtaining high quality imagery, video and underwater photogrammetry of submerged assets, providing users with the information required to make quick and accurate decisions and schedule future maintenance.

surveillanceMilitary, Police and Security

With the ability to undertake inspection missions quickly and safely under a wide range of water conditions, Boxfish is ideal for a range of military, law enforcement and first responder applications, such as contraband detection, unexploded ordnance (UXO) and search and rescue (SAR).

ROV for marine scienceMarine Science

Easily launched from land or small vessels, the Boxfish ROV provides a cost-efficient option to research institutions and educators, and can be equipped with a wide range of sensors and sampling systems.

underwater cinematographyCinematography

The Boxfish Luna provides underwater filmmakers with a stable filming platform and real-time streaming of production-quality video, eliminating many of the restrictions and pain points associated with the use of human divers.

Case Studies
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