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AlarisPro is a state-of-the-art professional UAS (unmanned aerial systems) operations and fleet management SaaS solution that provides UAS operators and manufacturers with all the tools and data they need to gain critical insights, track and anticipate design and maintenance issues, and proactively enhance safety, innovation and growth for their businesses.

AlarisPro drone management platform

Where others are focused on drone management only, AlarisPro takes a more comprehensive approach looking at the entire Unmanned Aerial System which includes not only the UAV (“drone”), but also the pilot and the communication system.

With an established track record in aviation, technology, and safety protocols, we have applied the proven safety measures and standards from manned aviation to the unique needs of the UAS market.

AlarisPro software has been adopted by a wide variety of leading clients in a range of industries, including large-scale UAS fleet operators, manufacturers of UAVs of all sizes, military contractors, law enforcement and emergency services, Fortune 50 companies and more. We work closely with each customer to provide personalized service that meets their unique requirements, helping them to stay proactive and achieve success.

UAS Operations & Fleet Management

AlarisPro drone fleet management software

AlarisPro software provides professional UAS operators and manufacturers with a comprehensive suite of management solutions at their fingertips, with unmatched data right down to the component level. With flight and maintenance logging, pilot and data capture monitoring, predictive maintenance features, and more, AlarisPro is ideal for any size of UAS business, seamlessly scaling with your organization as it grows.

The versatile, easy-to-use platform is compatible with all types and models of UAV, providing a single-use portal for fleet management.

AlarisPro for UAS Operators

Proactive UAV fleet management system

AlarisProAlarisPro drone fleet management provides UAS operators with all the tools they need to keep ahead of maintenance requirements and predict potential issues before they escalate out of control, keeping the fleet efficient and performance-ready.

The powerful software features allow you to monitor your entire operation, simplifying essential maintenance, giving you more time to focus on growing your business, serving your customers and attracting new clients.

AlarisPro is also an essential solution for gathering the data required to achieve FAA certifications such as COA, Part 107 Waivers and 333 exemptions, and to gain regulatory acceptance for BVLOS (beyond visual line of sight) and operations over people.

AlarisPro drone fleet management platformOur sophisticated UAS operations management platform includes:

  • Intuitive dashboard for tracking key metrics including flight hours, time to maintenance, sortie times, and pilot information
  • Easy flight logging with just a few keystrokes
  • Real-time alerts from manufacturing partners on component issues or failures, and on issues detected by AlarisPro
  • Detailed reports for monitoring the health and performance of UAV fleets of all sizes, with all data exportable as a CSV file for personalized reporting, audits, and insurance needs.

AlarisPro for UAS operators is available in three different plans to suit UAV fleets of all sizes.

Edge Premium Enterprise
Up to 10 UAS Includes All the Features in Edge Plan Includes All the Features in Premium Plan
Preflight Planning and Mapping Tools Up to 20 UAS Over 20 UAS
Project Planning Module AlarisPro Blackbox Customized API Support
Detailed Flight and Maintenance Logs SmartLog Integration Tier II Programs to Differentiate Between Departments Within an Organization
Pilot, UAS, and Component Reporting API Support Custom Features
System and Component Reliability Data
Recommended Replacement Data
Company Reports and Metrics

More information: AlarisPro for UAS Operators

AlarisPro for UAS Manufacturers

Critical performance monitoring and lifecycle management

AlarisPro for Manufacturers allows users to gain a complete picture of their UAS, supporting aircraft of any size and providing crucial insights into performance, application, and lifecycle.

AlarisPro drone managemen system

The powerful software provides detailed reports that help to predict trends and track maintenance and wear, allowing manufacturers to align current production and future product development.

The platform also gives you a dedicated portal for your customers, allowing you to provide the highest-quality service by communicating component issues and other essential information.

Our UAS management system provides a variety of benefits for manufacturers:

  • Provides essential data on component life for “just in time” ordering and manufacturing, allowing manufacturers to anticipate obsolescence and prevent overproduction
  • Identifies trends in UAS use to help drive design changes and predict potential issues
  • Provides customers with critical real-time information on component issues and liability
  • Calculates data-derived maintenance intervals for your UAS from day one

AlarisPro for UAS manufacturers is available in three different plans to suit businesses at different stages:

for manufacturers in initial stages of component selection and UAS configuration
for manufacturers with a configured UAS and a limited number of customers
for manufacturers actively selling UAS at scale
UAS Models and Components Added to AlarisPro (Up to 2 Distinctly Different UAS Models) Includes All the Features in Development Plan Includes All the Features in Production Plan
Restricted Access from Other Users Adding Aircraft Manufacturer Dashboard Two Model UAS Model Reports Per Year for Each Aircraft
Edge Operator Account Including All Features Controlled UAS Permission Granting Operator Account for Each Customer
Initial Training Two Model UAS Reports Per Year ($800 Value) Expanded Reports
Customer Accounts Discounted: 50% off 1-yr. Account Unlimited Customer Training
Manufacturer Alerts: Provides Two-way Communication Portal to Your Customer
Initial Training for Manufacturer and Each Customer (with Operator Account)

“As a manned aircraft pilot and as the leader of a UAS manufacturing company, tracking aircrafts and their components is critical to ensuring safety and improving the reliability of our products. AlarisPro software solves this pain point for us to track our UAS both internally and across my customer base”

Bill Fredericks, Founder, Advanced Aircraft Company

AlarisPro Mobile drone fleet managementAlarisPro Mobile

AlarisPro is available as a mobile app for both iOS and Android devices, allowing you to access your data from anywhere, receive real-time alerts and easily log your UAS flights in the field.

AlarisPro Mobile will automatically sync flight logs added offline in remote locations with the rest of your data.

UAS Operations & Fleet Management Software | UAS Monitoring System
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