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UAS Fleet Management Platform | Operations and Maintenance Documentation
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AlarisPro is the UAS industry’s only integrated, advanced operations and fleet management data platform that provides Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Operators and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) with an unbiased view of their fleet operations to improve safety, reduce maintenance costs, and increase operational efficiency.

Continued Airworthiness

AlarisPro’s fleet management platform utilizes anonymized customer data to evaluate airworthiness and reliability. By considering each UAS as a system-of-systems (SoS), AlarisPro tracks reliability metrics at the component level to provide operators and manufacturers all the tools they need to manage their operations and maintenance schedules as part of a professional, safe, and compliant flight operation. Operators and manufacturers gain critical insights to track and anticipate design and maintenance issues in order to proactively enhance safety, innovation, and growth for their businesses.

AlarisPro drone management platform

With an established track record in aviation, technology, and safety protocols, AlarisPro has applied the proven safety measures and standards from manned aviation to the unique needs of the UAS market.

The AlarisPro fleet management platform has been adopted by a wide variety of clients across a range of industries, including large-scale UAS fleet operators, manufacturers, military contractors, academia, government agencies, and more. We work closely with each customer to provide personalized service that meets their unique requirements, thereby helping them to stay proactive and achieve success across their UAS businesses.

Comprehensive Fleet Management Solution

AlarisPro drone fleet management software

The AlarisPro fleet management platform is the only product of its kind that consolidates and integrates all relevant information to provide professional UAS operators and manufacturers with a comprehensive suite of management solutions at their fingertips, including unmatched data at the component level. With a variety of customer driven features to improve safety and expand operations, AlarisPro is ideal for any size UAS business and is designed to scale seamlessly as a customer’s operations grow.

The versatile, easy-to-use platform is compatible with all types and models of UAS enabling manufacturers and operators to leverage single-use portal for UAS and drone fleet management.

drone fleet management solution

The AlarisPro Safety Ecosystem (ASE)®

ASE® expands an OEM’s view into real-world component life cycles and reliability. AlarisPro aggregates, anonymizes, and analyzes data from all its ecosystem users. Leveraging this high-quality data, AlarisPro delivers predictive maintenance alerts, incident alerts, and component performance data across the ecosystem. The AlarisPro Alerts feature provides rapid communication of service bulletins, airworthiness directives, maintenance inspection changes, and component and aircraft configuration-related issues.

AlarisPro for UAS Operators

A UAS Fleet Management Platform Designed to Improve Safety and Increase Operational Efficiency

AlarisPro drone fleet management

AlarisPro provides UAS operators with a comprehensive, purpose-built fleet management solution that is designed to meet the evolving UAS industry needs. By consolidating all the essential elements of fleet management and leveraging advanced data analytics, AlarisPro empowers operators to elevate their performance, improve aircraft safety and reliability, and unlock new possibilities in the UAS domain.

AlarisPro provides UAS operators with all the tools they need to document flight operations, crew status, and regulatory compliance requirements quickly and easily via both desktop and mobile platforms. In addition, operators can utilize a variety of aircraft maintenance tools and data to keep ahead of maintenance requirements and to predict potential issues before they escalate out of control, thereby keeping their fleet efficient and performance ready.

AlarisPro’s powerful software features allow customers to monitor their entire operation, simplify essential maintenance, and give them more time to focus on serving their customers and growing their business.

AlarisPro is also an essential solution for gathering the data required to achieve certifications such as certificate of Waivers (COAs), Part 107 Waivers and 333 exemptions, and to gain regulatory acceptance for BVLOS flights and operations over people.

AlarisPro drone fleet management platform

Our sophisticated UAS operations management platform includes:

  • Intuitive dashboard for tracking key metrics including flight hours, time to maintenance, sortie times, and pilot information
  • Easy flight logging in just a few steps
  • Real-time alerts from manufacturing partners and AlarisPro on component issues or failures
  • Detailed reports for monitoring the health and performance of UAS fleets of all sizes

More information: AlarisPro for UAS Operators

AlarisPro for UAS Manufacturers

Critical Performance and Lifecycle Management UAS Monitoring System

By leveraging the AlarisPro platform, original equipment manufacturers are better able to understand fleet usage post sale, improve spare parts forecasting, and accelerate product improvements.

AlarisPro for Manufacturers allows customers to gain a complete picture of their UAS, support aircraft of any size and provide crucial insights into performance, application, and lifecycles.

This powerful software provides detailed reports that help to predict trends and track maintenance and wear, thereby allowing manufacturers to better align current production and future product development.

AlarisPro drone managemen system

The platform also provides a dedicated portal for your customers, allowing you to provide the highest-quality service by communicating component issues and other essential information.

Our UAS monitoring system provides a variety of benefits for manufacturers including:

  • Provide customers with critical real-time information on component issues and liability
  • Access to aviation grade reports and powerful data to further product reliability and development based on actual customer data
  • Accelerate innovation during new product testing and evaluation,​ and catalog issues encountered during operations to inform product changes​
  • Ability to send proactive alerts and bulletins to your customers
  • Detailed visibility of customer systems and real-time customer data for forecasting spare inventory needs
  • Transfer aircraft, data, and maintenance logs to customer accounts post-sale
  • All the standard features of the AlarisPro platform to track internal flights, customer demos, and test flights

“After evaluating multiple software products, AlarisPro has empowered our flight and engineering teams with the ability to receive in-house and de-identified customer flight data for continued product improvement and support.”

Gregory Nichols, U.S. Flight Director, Edge Autonomy

AlarisPro Mobile

AlarisPro is available as a mobile app for both iOS and Android devices, allowing you to access your data from anywhere, receive real-time alerts, and easily log your UAS flights in the field. AlarisPro Mobile works in offline environments and automatically syncs flight logs with the rest of your data.

alarispro mobile

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