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Case Study: AlarisPro for ArgenTech Solutions’ UAS Maintenance Program

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The following case study details how AlarisPro’s intelligent data platform was used to provide ArgenTech with the capability to track and maintain UAS at the component level.

The Challenge

maintenance_program_manualArgenTech’s UAS maintenance program consisted of multiple technicians using disjointed spreadsheets and other outdated methods of tracking maintenance data. UAS maintenance needs were often overlooked due to the decentralized process of data capture. ArgenTech was seeking a comprehensive tool that would enable proper documentation for all stakeholders involved with UAS operations.

The Solution

AlarisPro’s intelligent data platform provides ArgenTech with the capability to track and maintain aircraft at the component level. Aside from just maintenance activity tracking, AlarisPro also provides a comprehensive and integrated solution to capture relevant company-wide data that is necessary to ensure the operational capability of every component across every system in ArgenTech’s UAS fleet.

Why AlarisPro?

AlarisPro helped ArgenTech identify a critical airworthiness issue affecting a main drive belt, a major component on an aircraft in their fleet. AlarisPro identified the issue by analyzing the de-identified data from other operators who were flying the same aircraft model and experiencing the belt failure which, in some cases, resulted in aircraft and payload loss (typically LiDAR). 

As a result, AlarisPro had insights about this issue before other industry stakeholders, which allowed them to alert users of this particular model aircraft to potential issues thus preventing additional loss. The insights from AlarisPro’s crowdsourced data were what first drew ArgenTech to AlarisPro.

AlarisPro is the only comprehensive fleet management Saas platform available on the market. The combination of real-time data and component-level tracking simplifies UAS maintenance operations and increases program reliability.

AlarisPro Benefits

Comprehensive Fleet Management Platform
AlarisPro compiles all program data into one easy-to-use portal, which quickly and accurately keeps track of all company aircraft, pilots, and missions.

Program Credibility
Utilizing AlarisPro to diligently track operations and maintenance signals to regulators that a UAS program is compliant, professional, and has a focus on safety and documentation – all key factors when presenting a safety case for expanded operations, D&R documentation for Type Certification or compliance with Part 135 maintenance record keeping requirements.

Operational Assurance
The implementation of manned aviation practices to unmanned aircraft further displays a commitment to safety and reliability and ensures safe flight. Additionally, many contracts require verification that a contractor is maintaining this level of detail in documenting their operations.

Maintenance Documentation
Through AlarisPro, organizations can document and track components and preventative maintenance on their aircraft. Since flight logs are integrated with maintenance, organizations can see what’s due when and document those changes within the software.

Crew Tracking
Easily track pilot requirements including currency, certification and training to ensure crew readiness. Additional reports show pilot hours per month, instructor pilot time and simulator time.

Favorable Insurance Rates
Insurance costs are favorably impacted due to the ability to prove well-maintained and documented systems are being operated by qualified crews.


Screenshot of AlarisPro’s Maintenance Log Page

“Maintenance makes or breaks our programs! The efficiency of consolidating all our data into one platform has really saved us time and improved safety. AlarisPro provides the data tracking capabilities we need to take our UAS program to the next level.” – Jeremy Jones, UAS Sales & Development, ArgenTech Solutions.

“We’ve been really impressed with AlarisPro’s ongoing support and willingness to view us more as a partner than customer. They’ve been open to feedback and the software has enabled our operations to scale.” – Rita Castonguay-Hunt, Commercial UAS Services, ArgenTech Solutions.

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