Drone Detection and Tracking Radars; BVLOS Sense-and-Avoid Technology

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DeTect is a leading specialized developer of UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) and drone detection, monitoring and defense systems. Based on advanced intelligent radar and remote sensing technologies, our drone detection systems are deployed worldwide in a broad range of security and surveillance applications, as well as for long-range monitoring of GBDAA BVLOS drone operations support.

Drone Detection & Defense Systems

Multi-layered counter-drone surveillance and interception

Drone Detection and Defense System

DroneWatcher Drone Detection solutionDroneWatcher is a multi-tiered UAV and drone detection and defense solution incorporating three different state-of-the-art technologies that can be used independently or combined to form a layered, highly customisable drone tracking and interception platform.

Drone Detection Phone AppDroneWatcherApp is a sophisticated drone detection app for Android smartphones and tablets that can detect and track approximately 95% of consumer and prosumer drones currently on the market, and is available in free, Pro and Pro Premium versions.

With the ability to record a variety of information including drone type and ID, and an operational range of up to half a mile, DroneWatcherApp can be used to document rogue drone incidents and assist law enforcement in suspect apprehension and prosecution.

Multiple DroneWatcherAPP-equipped devices can be networked together using DeTect’s optional real-time DroneWatcherWEB service for wide area coverage and detection with real-time situational awareness displays and automatic visual, audible and text messaging alerts.

DroneWatcher Drone Surveillance System

Drone Watcher Web Drone Surveillance

DroneWatcher RF Detection RadarDroneWatcherRF extends the functionality and range of DroneWatcherAPP with a compact, standalone electronics enclosure that can be mounted at the perimeter of a facility with only nominal power and network requirements.

With an increased range of up to 2 miles and a continually updated database of drone RF signatures, DroneWatcherRF provides an ideal counter-drone solution for higher-level security requirements.

HARRIER DSR (drone surveillance radar) adds an advanced military-grade solid-state Doppler radar as a final layer to the DroneWatcher solution, enabling drone detection at over 2 miles even without RF or GPS signatures and in complex cluttered environments.

Harrier DSR Drone Surveillance Radar DopplerWith the ability to detect and track not only small consumer and prosumer drones but also military cooperative and non-cooperative UAVs, HARRIER DSR deals with autonomous controlled drones not picked up by DroneWatcher’s lower two layers, and can be interfaced with a wide range of ancillary sensors such as video systems and third party interception technologies.

DroneWatcher counter-drone surveillance and interception

HARRIER DSR Drone Surveillance Radar

Counter-Drone Tracking and Detection Control Room

Security and Surveillance Radars

Reliable high-performance drone detection and tracking