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DroneWatcher Multi-layered drone detection and defense solution

Multi-layered drone detection and defense solution

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DroneWatcher is a multi-tiered drone detection and defense solution that incorporates three different technologies into a flexible and highly customizable platform that can be tailored to specific security requirements.

DroneWatcherRF uses a continually updated database of drone RF signatures to provide a first line of defense again a wide range of threats. Housed in a compact standalone electronics enclosure, it is effective at ranges of up to 2 miles and can be mounted at the perimeter of a facility with only nominal power and network requirements.

The HARRIER DSR (drone surveillance radar) uses military-grade solid-state Doppler radar to pick up non-RF controlled and autonomous drones even in highly complex and cluttered environments. With the ability to detect UAVs of all sizes, it includes an advanced SQL data system that provides real-time target classification and rejection of false positive targets from birds.

DroneWatcherWEB is a web-based service that provides a customizable real-time consolidated display for each DroneWatcher site. The service logs all threat detections, including drone ID signatures, location, flight path and other parameters, and includes configurable alerts.