Autonomous Boats & Unmanned Surface Vessels for Marine Monitoring, Hydrographic Survey & Rescue

Autonomous Boats & Unmanned Surface Vessels for Marine Monitoring, Hydrographic Survey & Rescue
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Oceanalpha is a leading developer of Unmanned Surface Vessels (USV), offering autonomous solutions for a number of applications, including: water quality sampling & monitoring, flow measurement, hydrographic survey, oceanographic research, security patrol, search & rescue, and maritime missions.

Oceanalpha Unmanned Sufface Vessels

Featuring advanced intelligent technology, Oceanalpha autonomous boats are used by commercial clients, government organizations, research institutes and universities across the world.

Our unmanned surface vessel platforms are a reliable way to improve working efficiency on the water and can be used for hydrology research, scientific exploration, hydrographic survey, emergency search and rescue, security patrol, fire control and other tasks. We continuously develop our advanced solutions to meet the requirements of our customers.

Environmental Monitoring

Monitoring the quality of water in rivers and lakes is of great importance to humans and wildlife alike. Conducting manual sampling and surveying of large bodies of water can be extremely challenging and resource-intensive. Our USV platforms vastly reduce the time and effort required to conduct missions that help keep drinking water safe, react to pollution disasters, and conserve wild plants and animals.

ESM30 Autonomous Water Sampling & Monitoring Boat

ESM30 unmanned surface vehicle

The ESM30 is an autonomous water sampling & monitoring unmanned surface vessel designed to provide a fast response to sudden water pollution accidents in difficult or challenging environments, and to conduct water sampling tasks in lakes, rivers or reservoirs.

The ESM30 autonomous surface vehicle uses GPS location tracking to follow preset waypoints and mission parameters, navigating autonomously while intelligently avoiding obstacles up to 10m ahead. It can integrate third-party probes, such as YSI, hydrolab and eureka, for online data acquisition and the creation of water quality contour maps.

ESM30 Specifications:

Dimensions 1150 x 800 x 430mm
Weight 31kg
Power supply 14.8V, 20Ah high-power Li-polymer battery
Endurance 3 hours
Sampling Depth
Max Sampling Volume 8 litres
RF point-to-point range 5km
Payload 15kg
Max Speed 1.5m/s

Hydrographic Surveying

ME40 Unmanned Surface VesselHydrographic surveys measure the physical features of seas, lakes, rivers and other bodies of water, and are often conducted to ascertain how these features will affect navigation, construction, exploration, oil and gas drilling and other maritime activities.

Our unmanned boats for surveying can greatly accelerate hydrographic data collection, requiring less manpower and cutting down on costs.

SL20 Autonomous Hydrographic Survey

SL20 Autonomous Hydrographic Survey Unmanned Surface Vessel

The SL20 autonomous survey boat is a compact and portable USV for hydrographic and bathymetric surveys. Its moon pool supports flexible deployment of different instruments, including ADCP and echo-sounders. Made from carbon fibre, the SL20 measures 1 meter long and weighs 17 kg, and can be easily operated and transported by one person. Its powerful battery and low power consumption ensures 6 hours of endurance while sailing in 3 knots.

SL20 Specifications:

Dimensions (LxW) 1050 x 550 mm
Weight (excl. ADCP) 17kg
Payload 8kg
Max Speed 10 knots (5m/s)
Duration 6 hours @ 1.5m/s
Remote Control Range 1km
Data Telemetry Range 2km

SL40 Autonomous Hydrographic Survey

SL40 Autonomous Hydrographic Survey Unmanned Surface Vessel

The SL40 autonomous survey boat is a waterjet-propelled unmanned vessel for hydrographic and bathymetric surveys. Measuring 1.6 meters long and 0.7 meters wide, the SL40 weighs 35 kg and can carry 15 kg of survey instrumentation. The innovative waterjet propeller allows the USV to sail at 5m/s and effectively avoid being entangled in water plants or rubbish. The USV comes with obstacle avoidance system and RTK, and can be controlled by either a base station or a remote control.

SL40 Specifications:

Dimensions 1650 x 700 x 400mm
Weight  35kg
Payload 15kg
Max Speed 10 knots (5m/s)
Remote Control Range 1km
Data Telemetry Range 2km

ME40 Autonomous Hydrographic Survey Boat

ME40 Hydrographic Survey Autonomous Boat

The ME40 is a hydrographic survey vessel constructed with a trimaran hull design for stable sailing and a shallow draft that allows it to survey reefs and areas close to shore with its single-beam sonar. The in-built inertial navigation system allows it to provide accurate real-time survey data.

The ME40 unmanned boat greatly improves the flexibility and efficiency of bathymetry surveys, and is widely used in reservoirs, lakes and tailing ponds removing humans from potentially hazard  situations.

ME40 Specifications:

Dimensions 1360 x 710 x 420mm
RF point to point range 5km
Weight 33kg
Payload 10kg
Max Speed
Duration 4h
Remote controller range 2km

M40 Catamaran Oceanographic Survey

M40A Catamaran Oceanographic Survey Unmanned BoatThe M40 is a medium size autonomous survey platform, designed for bathymetry surveys in coastal areas and oceans. With a modular catamaran design and flexible payload for instruments, the M40A was developed to provide high performance surveys with single or multi beam sonars, as well as different kinds of hydrographic and monitoring instruments.

The M40 has an aluminum and carbon fiber hull and is powered by a high capacity lithium polymer battery.

M40 Specifications:

Dimensions 3300 x 1900 x 2200mm
Weight 450kg
Payload 60kg
Max Speed 4m/s
Endurance 6h (@3m/s)
Navigation Control range 5km
Data Telemetry range 2km

M80 Oceanographic Survey

M80 Oceanographic Survey Unmanned Surface Vessel

The M80 is a large autonomous survey vessel platform designed for oceanographic surveys. Developed to conduct high performance surveys, the M80B can carry a variety of equipment to a range of tasks, such as bathymetry, surveying waterways, and maritime search & rescue missions.

Powered by a diesel engine and capable of operating in Sea State 3, it can achieve a top speed of 12 knots and can operate for up to 10 hours (at speeds of 6 knots). The boat is equipped with radar and sonar for obstacle avoidance.

The autonomous boat is customized to carry T50P and T20P multi-beam echo sounders.

M80 Specifications:

Dimensions 5650 x 2400 x 2100mm
Weight 1400kg
Payload 200kg
Max Speed 12 knots
Endurance 10h (@6kt)
Communication range 30km
Power 110HP*1 Disel Engine

ME120 Autonomous Survey

ME120 Autonomous Survey USVThe ME120 is designed for autonomous hydrographic and oceanographic surveys. Featuring autonomous navigation and intelligent obstacle avoidance, the ME120 USV can undertake autonomous surveys providing real-time data transmission with long distance video monitoring.

The convertible catamaran design can be easily assembled and disassembled, and transported by van. Compatible with small multibeam sonars, as well as other survey instruments, operators can change and install different instruments quickly during a survey.

ME120 Specifications:

Dimensions 2500 x 1400 x 750mm
Weight 94kg (without batteries)
Payload 45g
Speed (Max | Eco) 5m/s | 2m/s
Endurance (Max | Eco) 2 hours or 36km | 12 hours or 85km
Communication range 5km

Autonomous Maritime Solutions

Our maritime USVs are multi-task unmanned surface platforms capable of high speeds and long-distance GPS navigation. They are ideal for security patrols, target monitoring, and identifying & tracking missions, providing a fast response even in difficult weather conditions.

M75 High Speed Security Patrol

M75 High Speed Security Patrol USV

The M75 is designed for maritime security and patrol missions, as well as use in investigation and evidence collection areas. The high speed propulsion system ensures the M75 will arrive quickly to a given location.

Constructed from high strength fiber glass, with carbon fiber and kevlar ballistic fabrics the M75 can operate in Sea State 4 conditions.

The surface vessel can switch between manned and unmanned mode, allowing the operator to select how it is controlled depending on the situation.


Dimensions 5000 x 1700 x 2400mm
Data Range 50km
Video range 30km
Weight 750kg
Max Speed
35 knots

L30 Fire Control and Rescue USV

L30 Fire Control and Rescue USVThe L30 is a large platform for fire control on water. Equipped with a 50m range professional fire water cannon, it also carries life rafts and buoys. The life raft can be released via remote control during a mission to rescue individuals that may have evacuated into the water. The cockpit allows space to carry 4-6 individuals on board.

Powered by a diesel engine, the L30 can achieve a top speed of 45 knots to provide a rapid response in most sea conditions, up to Sea State 5.

L30 Autonomous Fire Control and Rescue Boats


Dimensions 7500 x 2670 x 2500mm
Data Range 50km
Video range 30km
Draft 0.31m
Max Speed
45 knots

Dolphin I Smart Lifebuoy

Remote controlled lifebuoy/life preserverDolphin I Smart Lifebuoy

The Dolphin I Smart Lifebuoy is an easy-to-use, remote controlled life-saving device that can be used for water-based rescues. Powered by two water-jet propellers, the lifebuoy has a maximum top speed of 10kn/s, allowing it to reach persons in distress quickly.

The Dolphin I remote controlled lifebuoy is bright orange and mounted with two high penetration flashing fog lights, making it highly visible over long distances and in challenging conditions. The propellers are wrapped in a metal shell to protect the user from injury and prevent entanglement with water plants. The lifebuoy can carry two persons.


Dimensions 1.1mx0.8mx0.25m
Weight 13kg
Buoyancy 35kg
Control range 500m
Max Speed
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