Autonomous Boats & Unmanned Surface Vessels for Marine Monitoring, Hydrographic Survey & Rescue

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Autonomous Boats & Unmanned Surface Vessels for Marine Monitoring, Hydrographic Survey & Rescue
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Oceanalpha is a leading developer of Unmanned Surface Vessels (USV), offering autonomous solutions for a wide variety of marine and maritime applications. Featuring advanced intelligent technology, Oceanalpha’s autonomous boats are used by commercial clients, government organizations, research institutes and universities around the world.

Oceanalpha Unmanned Surface Vessels

Our unmanned surface vessel platforms provide enhanced efficiency for waterborne missions and can be used for hydrology research, scientific exploration, hydrographic surveys and inspections, emergency search and rescue, security patrol, fire control and more. We continuously strive to improve our advanced solutions to meet and exceed the requirements of our customers.

Oceanalpha USV

USVs for Inland & Offshore Surveys

Equipped with state-of-the-art payloads, our unmanned survey vessels are ideal for a range of applications in both shallow and deep waters, enabling missions to be completed with greater efficiency than traditional methods.

L25 Unmanned Survey VesselHydrographic Survey
Unmanned hydrographic survey vessels with advanced payloads such as echosounders, side-scan sonars and ACDPs are used to measure and characterise features such as seabeds and shorelines.

Autonomous USV bathymetry surveys provide essential depth measurements of lakes, rivers and the seabed, as well as manmade structures such as dams and reservoirs.

Oceanographic survey boatOceanographic Survey
Our unmanned vessels are used to profile currents, waves and water columns in all ocean environments from coastal areas to the open seas.

Offshore Wind Farms
USVs are ideal for maintenance inspections of wind farms and turbines, as well as for surveying sites for potential new projects.

Autonomous survey vesselsOil & Gas
Oceanalpha USVs provide advanced survey capabilities for offshore energy platforms and pipelines, enabling efficient inspection and maintenance.

Compare our unmanned survey vessels:

unmanned vessel for hydrographic and bathymetric surveys

Small multifunctional USV for hydrographic and bathymetric survey

Hydrographic survey vessel

Catamaran USV for autonomous coastal & ocean surveying

Long-endurance unmanned vessel for mapping & inspection

Long-endurance unmanned vessel for mapping & inspection

autonomous survey vessel

Large autonomous vessel for oceanographic survey

Hydrographic Unmanned Survey Vessel

Convertible catamaran USV for hydrographic survey

Large unmanned surveying & monitoring USV

Large unmanned surveying & monitoring USV with 200 kg capacity

Case Studies

  • ME120 USVs Grouped Up to Survey Ocean Surface with CTD.  View case study >
  • Storm Geomatics Use SL40 in Wide Swath Bathymetric Survey on the River Aire.  View case study >
  • M40 USV Surveying With MS400 Multibeam Sounding System And Ping 3D Side Scan Sonar.  View case study >

Autonomous Boats for Environmental Monitoring

Oceanalpha autonomous boats are widely used for sampling and surveying of rivers, lakes and other large bodies of water, providing cost-effective management of drinking water, pollution and other environmental concerns.

Water Sampling & Monitoring
USVs can be equipped with a range of payloads that test water samples for oxygen content, presence of chemicals, and more. 

Water Discharge Measurement 
Unmanned vessels are ideal for measuring flow rates in streams, rivers and manmade structures, providing a persistent capability with lower manpower and equipment costs.

Compare our USVs for environmental monitoring:

unmanned survey boat

Portable unmanned survey boat designed for ADCPs

autonomous water sampling

Autonomous water sampling & quality monitoring

Case Studies

Unmanned Vessels for Security & Rescue

We have developed a number of solutions that aid law enforcement, maritime security and first responders with a range of critical missions, lowering risk and keeping personnel out of harm’s way.

unmanned patrol boat

Our unmanned patrol boats provide a high-speed surveillance capability and can be used to protect ports, vessels, coastlines and other critical areas and facilities.

Search & Rescue
SAR teams and emergency personnel can use our unmanned rescue devices to reach people in distress when time is of the essence.

Compare our unmanned vessels for search & rescue:

Remote Controlled Lifebuoy

Remote-controlled smart lifebuoy

Stretcher Bed Water rescue platform

Stretcher Bed
Water rescue and goods transportation platform

unmanned patrol boat

Autonomous high-speed surveillance, security & patrol vessel

Case Studies

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