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Ocean Alpha L25 Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV)

By Ocean Alpha / 30 Aug 2022
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OceanAlpha L25 Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV) can carry up to 200kg of hydrographic & geophysical instruments to conduct multi-purposed physical oceanographic surveys and biological environment monitoring in the deep sea.

Large Capacity for Multi-function Instruments
With a wider deck and bigger payload, the L25 USV platform supports multiple equipments to work simultaneously for underwater inspection, hydrography survey, and oceanography survey.

Longer Endurance, High Efficiency
The internal combustion engine can extend the USV's battery life to 72 hours. And its long endurance enables round-clock inspection for real-time data & video feedback.

Advanced Design for Easy Configuration
Its small A-frame and winch support towing survey, with a cable length of up to 200 meters. The foldable lifter can better protect the instruments' wet ends and offer greater payload capacity.

Stable Working Condition for Survey
L25's catamaran design significantly reduces swaying and spray foam, providing stable and quiet working conditions for acoustic equipment. The USV's roll range is smaller than 10 degrees in SS4. Besides, its low-noise electric Plug-in thruster reduces the signal-to-noise ratio by 20%.

Autonomous Control with High Precision
The radar, HD camera, and AIS sensing enable a highly sensitive environmental perception of L25 USV. The dual engine and dual propeller provide large torque so that L25 can rotate in situ and navigate closely around constructions for zoom-in inspection. Its autonomous navigation algorithm, advanced obstacle avoidance algorithm, and propulsion control algorithm are applied to minimize the risk of collision during operation.

Auto Return
During a mission, if the L25 loses communication or is about to run out of power, it can automatically sail back to the designated location to avoid getting lost on the sea.

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