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USV Demonstrated for Oil & Gas Platforms

OceanAlpha has developed and demonstrated the M75 unmanned surface vessel solution for Chinese Oil and Gas Company CNOOC By Sarah Simpson / 11 Oct 2022
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Oceanalpha has demonstrated an USV (unmanned surface vessel) application for CNOOC (China National Offshore Oil Corporation), to provide efficient and low-labor-cost replenishment transportation and patrol monitoring solutions for oil and gas platforms.

The clients watched the whole process of M75 USV (unmanned surface vessel) being launched, high-speed patrolling at sea, transporting supplies, and being recovered, and were highly impressed by the feasibility of daily applications for unmanned ships.

Integrated with radar detection, self-driving and rescuing modules, as well as being able to deploy different equipment, the M75 has outstanding performance during night shifts and can perform multiple missions autonomously, especially high-speed surveillance and water rescue.

The 5.2-meter-long USV can transport 200 kg of supplies or instruments. It has a maximum speed of 30 knots and can continuously sail for 12 nautical miles. It can also be deployed with rescue equipment such as an ejectable life-raft and remote controlled life-bed or lifebuoy to conduct rescue missions in different water environments.

An ultra long communication distance is achieved using LTE communication, enabling the M75 to communicate with the base station within 15km and send back videos and data in real-time.

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