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VB Antennas
RF & Microwave Antennas for Drones & GCS | Surveillance & Communication Antennas
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VideoSys is a leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance broadcast-quality RF and microwave antennas for unmanned and autonomous vehicles.

vb antennasOur UK-made communication antenna solutions are available in a variety of different form factors, and are ideal for mission-critical systems operating in the air, on land and at sea.

In addition to our COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) products, we also offer a custom antenna, filter and power amplifier design service to meet the unique requirements of drone and unmanned vehicle OEMs, and systems integrators.


Omni-Directional Antennasomni directional antenna

Communications antennas suited to MESH transceivers

Our vertical omni antennas are ideal for mesh radio transceivers and mobile cellular/LTE stations. Available in frequency bands from 1.2GHz up to 7.5GHz, they can be equipped with N-Type, TNC, SMA or DIN 4.3/10 connectors.


Flexible stork antennas suitable for camera and ground vehicle mounting

flexible Omni AntennaOur flexible omni-antennas allow a significant degree of bending without damage, and are ideal for providing COFDM, mesh or cellular communications for mobile ground vehicles and robotics. Available in 290 mm or 400mm versions, they can be provided with N-Type, TNC, SMA or DIN 4.3/10 connectors.

Sector AntennasSector Antennas

Sector antennas for MESH, COFDM and cellular communications

Our sector antennas feature a rugged brass-plate construction and are hand-assembled and tuned to ensure the utmost in quality. Available in 80 or 180-degree sector patterns, they are ideal for COFDM, mesh and cellular communications requiring isolation and directivity.

Helix Antenna

Helix Antennas

Ground station antennas for drones & unmanned systems

Available in the 2.0 – 2.7GHz frequency ranges, our hemi-omni helix antennas are highly suited to UAV, drone and unmanned vehicle ground control stations (GCS) and mesh transceivers. They can be supplied with N-Type, TNC or SMA connectors.

Blade AntennasBlade UAV Antenna

Blade antennas for UAVs and surveillance aircraft

Our blade omni antennas feature a low-profile shark fin design and are ideal for mobile surveillance applications such as UAVs. Available in the 2.0 – 2.7GHz frequency ranges, they can be equipped with TNC or SMA connectors.

Dome AntennasDome Antenna

Omni dome antennas suitable for surveillance

Our omni-directional dome antennas provide wide area coverage for mobile and surveillance applications, with frequency options in the 2.0 – 2.7GHz bands and a choice of TNC or SMA connectors.

Custom Antenna DesignCustom Antenna Design

We offer a bespoke antenna design service. Whether it is a new design for a special frequency requirement or specialized mounting arrangements, Videosys has the expertise to design and manufacture custom antennas in house and to short time scales.


military antennas

Security & Military Antennas
Our proven rugged and versatile antennas meet the needs of a wide range of mission-critical requirements, covering L, S & C bands as well as the NATO D-H frequency bands, and are ideal for battlefield and MANET connectivity in both static and on-the-move applications.

UAV & Drone Antenna

UAV & Aerial Drone Antennas
We supply both off-the-shelf and custom antenna solutions for dynamic and fast-moving aerial platforms including UAVs, drones and RPAS (remotely piloted aircraft systems).

rf antenna

Antennas for UGVs & Ground Robotics
Our rugged and flexible antennas are ideal for UGVs (unmanned ground vehicles) and mobile robotics systems operating in challenging terrain and difficult RF conditions such as cluttered and NLOS (non line of sight) environments.

communication antenna

USVs & ASV Communication Antennas
Our omni and sector antennas are highly suited to USVs (uncrewed surface vessels) and ASVs (autonomous surface vessels) operating in challenging marine and maritime environments.

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