Heavy Fuel, Gasoline Engines & Wankel Rotary UAV Engines

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Sky Power GmbH is a leading manufacturer of high-performance 2-stroke combustion and Wankel rotary engines for UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) and hybrid applications.

Sky Power designs, develops and manufactures all engines in Germany. In addition to complete COTS propulsion units, we can also provide custom variants to our products as well as capacity extension of other combustion engines to suit precise customer requirements.

Gasoline and Heavy Fuel (HFE) UAV Engines

Our gasoline and Heavy Fuel engines for UAVs are available in one- or two-cylinder models and have been tested under the harshest of conditions to ensure the highest performance and reliability. We can also provide our patented engine mufflers to further reduce noise levels.

All engines with a capacity of 55 cc or higher can be delivered as a twin-spark version, with independently operating ignitions. This provides quieter running, increased safety and reliability and redundant operation. Fuel injection options are also available.

All gasoline engines can also be upgraded to Competition series, optimized for enhanced performance with modified transfer ports and individually adjusted compression for each cylinder. Competition series engines benefit from increased power and torque, as well as improved throttle response at lower RPM ranges, and are painted with two coats of highly temperature-resistant metallic orange 2K engine paint.

Single-Cylinder Multi-Fuel UAV Engines

SP-28 Single-Cylinder Gas UAV Engine

SP-28 Single-Cylinder UAV engine

The SP-28 is the smallest single-cylinder engine our portfolio, weighing just 2.95lbs.

The engine is equipped with a carburettor and an improved cylinder design for higher thermal stability, and will soon be upgraded with our new updated SP-IGU ignition design.

SP-28 Cylinder Design
SP-28 Single-cylinder Engine
SP-28 Single-cylinder Gas Engine
SP-28 1 Cylinder Gas Engine

SP-55 Single-Cylinder UAV engine

The SP-55 single-cylinder UAV engine can be equipped with either carburettor or fuel injection, as well as a twin-spark plug option. The compact design features a rear output shaft, allowing a generator to be mounted on the back of the engine. All engine variants are equipped with our HKZ215 ignition and ECU030 control unit.

Versions: SP-55 TS / SP-55 FI TS ROS / Heavy fuel and range extender for multicopter variants upon request

SP-55 TS single cylinder UAV engine