Inertial Navigation Systems, INS/GPS, AHRS, and IMU Sensors for Unmanned Systems

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ELLIPSE-N GNSS Inertial Navigation SystemSBG SYSTEMS is a leading supplier of MEMS-based ITAR Free inertial motion sensing solutions. From miniature inertial navigation systems to high accuracy INS GPS, SBG SYSTEMS sensors offer a unique balance of price – size – performance for unmanned systems navigation.

SBG Systems offers a complete line of inertial sensors based on the state-of-the-art MEMS technology, such as Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS), Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), and embedded GPS Inertial Navigation System (INS/GPS). Combined with cutting-edge calibration techniques and advanced embedded algorithms, our inertial sensors are ideal solutions for unmanned vehicle control, antenna tracking, camera stabilization, and surveying applications.

Micro Inertial Navigation Systems

Ellipse 2 Micro Series – IMU, AHRS, INS

Smallest Size High-Performance IMU, AHRS and INS for Unmanned Applications

Ellipse Micro UAV INSHigh accuracy (0.1° Roll/Pitch) industrial grade micro inertial sensors with the smallest form factor:

  • Extremely light weight at 10 grams
  • Industrial grade high-end gyroscopes and accelerometers
  • Extended calibration, from -40 to +85°C for constant behaviour in a wide range of environments
  • Fusion with GNSS receiver for robust and accurate position, heave and heading output
  • Specific motion algorithms fine-tuned for land systems such as UGVs and autonomous driving
  • Cost-effective – designed for volume projects.
Ellipse 2 Micro INS for UAVsEllipse 2 Micro INS for UAVs Ellipse 2 Micro INS for UAVs
ModelEllipse2 Micro IMUEllipse2 Micro AHRSEllipse2 Micro INS
Calibrated IMU data
Roll, Pitch, Heading
Navigation Connection to external GNSS & Odometer