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Jan De Nul Selects SBG’s MRU for Marine Operations

Jan De Nul integrated SBG Systems' Navsight-Apogee into its survey vessel for bathymetric applications for reliable data in harsh conditions and enhanced positioning By Joe Macey / 10 Jun 2024
Jan De Nul Selects SBG’s MRU for Marine Operations
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Find out how Jan De Nul enhanced efficiency and reliability in offshore surveys using SBG Systems Navsight-Apogee Motion Reference Unit (MRU) on their eco-friendly USV, Beluga 01. Read more > >

Jan De Nul was looking for a reliable Inertial Navigation System (INS) solution for its hybrid maritime Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV), Beluga 01. The USV offers a greener alternative to conventional boats for bathymetric surveys with reduced environmental impact and increased operational efficiency.

The company had specific technical requirements, including the need for accurate Pitch, Roll, and Heave (P/R/H) measurements, a small form factor for pole installations, a user-friendly interface and installation process, and reliable performance. One of the key components ensuring its reliable performance is Navsight-Apogee, a survey-grade Motion Reference Unit (MRU) provided by SBG Systems.

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After a thorough analysis, Jan De Nul integrated Navsight-Apogee into its survey vessel for bathymetric applications.

The integration of Navsight-Apogee provided an optimal solution to address customer’s objectives:

  • Reliable data in harsh conditions: Navsight-Apogee ensured consistent and accurate survey data even in sea state three conditions, maximizing the operational window of the USV.
  • Enhanced positioning: By integrating GNSS data with the MRU, Apogee provided precise positioning at all times, overcoming the limitations of GNSS availability in wind farm environments.
  • Compact design: The small form factor and waterproof enclosure of Apogee allowed for seamless integration into the limited space of the USV’s moon pool, ensuring efficient use of space.

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