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GPS & GNSS Navigation Systems for Unmanned Vehicles, UAVs, Robotics

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NovAtel, part of Hexagon, is a global technology leader, pioneering end-to-end solutions for assured positioning in land, marine, and aerial unmanned systems. For NovAtel, positioning is only assured when it is precise, accurate, reliable, available and authentic.​

With the dramatic rise in demand for positioning and location-based services across every business landscape, our solutions are empowering intelligent positioning ecosystems in vital industries that depend on our ability to tackle the most complex challenges in the most demanding of environments.​

Our products are used in a wide variety of unmanned systems applications, from military and security, to UAV and ground vehicle navigation. High-profile successes for the technology include the first ever unmanned airborne refueling test, DARPA’s first unmanned ground vehicle race and planning/testing for the Mars Rover expedition.

Read case studies on NovAtel’s technology in action: www.novatel.com/unmanned.

High Precision GNSS Receiver Boards

Our low-power GNSS receiver cards offer multi-constellation and multi-frequency tracking. A variety of hardware and software configurations are available, and software is upgradeable in the field.

OEM7™ GNSS Receivers

High-precision, multi-frequency GNSS receivers with advanced interference detection and mitigation features, for enhanced positioning reliability, accuracy and availability for drones, UAVs and robotic applications. Each receiver includes L-Band and SPAN® GNSS+INS functionality.

OEM7700 Multi-Frequency GNSS Receiver

OEM7700 GNSS Receiver Board

The OEM7700 multi-frequency GNSS receiver delivers robust positioning, simplifies integration and offers maximum connectivity in a small package.

OEM7720 Dual-Antenna GNSS Receiver

OEM7720 GNSS Receiver Board

The OEM7720 dual-antenna input, multi-frequency GNSS receiver offers precise positioning plus SPAN functionality for space constrained unmanned applications.

OEM719 GNSS Receiver Board

OEM719 GNSS Receiver Board

The OEM719 multi-frequency GNSS receiver delivers precise positioning while retaining backwards compatibility with NovAtel’s popular OEM615™ and OEM617™ form factors.

OEM729 Multi-Frequency GNSS Receiver

OEM729 GNSS Receiver Board

The OEM729 -multi-frequency GNSS receiver delivers precise positioning while retaining backwards compatibility with NovAtel’s OEM628™ form factor.

OEMStar Low Cost Single-Frequency GNSS ReceiverOEMStar Receiver

The OEMStar is a low-cost single-frequency receiver with a small form factor (46×71 mm) and a low power consumption (< 500 mW). It features up to 14 channels of L1 GPS, GLONASS or combined GPS/GLONASS.

Learn more: OEMStar Receiver

SPAN® GNSS Inertial Systems

NovAtel’s SPAN® technology tightly couples our OEM precision GNSS receivers with robust Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs) to provide reliable, continuously available, position, velocity and attitude – even through short periods of time when satellite signals are blocked or unavailable.

SPAN® GNSS-INS Receivers

We provide GNSS/INS SPAN® receivers at card level as well as fully enclosed ruggedized modules.

Learn more: SPAN® GNSS-INS Receivers


SPAN® technology tightly couples NovAtel’s GNSS receiver technology with an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU). We market a variety of IMUs from leading IMU manufacturers to provide our customers the opportunity to select an IMU that delivers the accuracy or price point their unmanned application requires.


The IMU-CPT is a stand-alone OEM IMU based on NovAtel’s SPAN-CPT. Comprised of fiber-optic gyros and MEMS accelerometers.

IMU-CPT Tactical Grade Fiber Optic Gyros (FOG) Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)

IMU-ISA-100C Tactical Grade IMU

The IMU-ISA-100C is a high performance tactical grade IMU featuring NovAtel’s GNSS technology to deliver 3D position, velocity and attitude solutions.


Learn more: SPAN® IMUs


For space constrained unmanned applications, SPAN systems that use our interface card to couple SPAN GNSS receiver boards to a range of light weight, compact MEMS IMUs.


The IMU-KVH1750 features NovAtel’s GNSS technology to provide a continuous 3D Position, Velocity and Attitude solution.


IMU-LN200 Tactical Grade FOG

The IMU-LN200 is a tactical grade, low noise IMU, containing closed-loop fiber optic gyros and solid-state silicon accelerometers. The IMU combines with NovAtel’s GNSS technology to provide a 3D position, velocity and attitude solution.

IMU-LN200 Tactical Grade FOG

UIMU-H58 Tactical Grade RLG IMU

The UIMU-H58 contains Honeywell’s HG1700, a tactical grade IMU containing Ring Laser Gyros (RLG) and Servo accelerometers. The UIMU-HG provides the IMU data to a SPAN® enabled GNSS/INS receiver such as the ProPak-V3™ or SPAN-SE™ using a custom NovAtel interface. The unit offers Gyro performance of 1 degree/hour.

UIMU-H58 Tactical Grade RLG IMU

UIMU-H62 Tactical Grade RLG IMU

Using the same technology as the H58 (above), the UIMU-H62 offers Gyro performance of 5 degree/hour.

UIMU-H62 Tactical Grade RLG IMU

Learn more: SPAN® MEMS IMUs

SPAN® Combined GPS-INS Systems

We manufacture integrated GPS/INS systems, coupling both technologies together in one space-saving unit for optimal performance.

SPAN-CPT Single Enclosure GNSS/INS Receiver

The SPAN-CPT is a compact, single enclosure GNSS+INS receiver, powered by NovAtel’s world class OEM6® technology. Capable of delivering up to centimetre level accuracy, customers can choose from a variety of positioning modes to ensure they have the optimal level of accuracy for their application.

SPAN-CPT Single Enclosure GNSS/INS Receiver


The SPAN-IGM-A1 delivers world class NovAtel SPAN technology in an integrated, single box solution. The SPAN-IGM-A1 offers tightly coupled GNSS inertial navigation featuring our OEM615 receiver.



The SPAN-IGM-S1 features Sensonor’s STIM300 MEMS IMU, a compact, high performance sensor with centimetre level accuracy. Combined with NovAtel’s OEM615 receiver, the SPAN-IGM-S1 offers exceptional performance in a small, lightweight, all-in-one package.


PwrPak7-E1 Compact OEM7® Enclosure

The PwrPak7-E1 is a compact OEM7™ enclosure that delivers NovAtel’s leading SPAN® GNSS+INS technology.

PwrPak7 7D-E1 GNSS INS

PwrPak7D-E1 Compact Dual Antenna Enclosure

The PwrPak7D-E1 is a compact dual antenna enclosure that delivers NovAtel’s leading SPAN® GNSS+INS technology.