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Overview Tracking Antennas for UAV & Drones
By Staff Writer Last updated: December 15th, 2023

UAV Tracking Antenna

UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) tracking antennas are part of the GCS (ground control station) equipment that communicates with the aircraft. They keep track of the position of the drone and keep the antenna pointed in its direction in order to provide stable communications over distances of up to several hundred kilometres.

UAV Tracking antenna system

UAV Auto-Tracking Antenna System by Tualcom

The GPS tracking antenna uses the GPS data broadcast by the UAV autopilot to keep track of the drone for optical alignment of the antenna.

Some satellite tracking antenna systems will have two separate communications channels for maximum reliability. The main channel will provide a datalink for both telemetry and transmission of payload data such as streaming video. The secondary channel will provide an additional telemetry link on a different frequency, to ensure that the drone can continue to operate if the first channel goes down.

Long-range tracking antennas can be fixed-site installations, or portable to allow them to be easily set up and repositioned in the field. The antennas used will usually be directional antennas, as these provide better signal strength over long ranges compared to omnidirectional antennas. Some systems will switch to using omnidirectional antennas once the drone is flying within closer ranges.

Airborne & Auto Tracking Antennas

Designed for installation onboard aerial platforms, airborne tracking antennas can establish and maintain stable communication links whilst in flight. Auto tracking antennas, eliminate risks due to human error by self-calibrating.

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