Extended Range Antenna Introduced for UAS Command & Control

By Sarah Simpson / 14 Dec 2020
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AeroVironment has introduced an Extended Range Antenna (ERA) in a lightweight, portable form factor that expands UAS command and control to up to 40 kilometers.

AeroVironment Introduces Extended Range Antenna

The latest addition to AeroVironment’s growing line of network connectivity solutions, the new ERA is a lightweight, portable antenna array kit is designed to be integrated seamlessly with AeroVironment’s standard RF head antenna.

The ERA add-on kit narrows the antenna beam width, extending the command and control range up to 40 kilometers (24.9 miles) with minimal impact to its size, weight and power (SWAP) footprint. Similar to the standard RF head antenna, the ERA is manually positioned. The included RF Unit switch allows users to toggle between omnidirectional mode, for short-range operations, and extended range mode, for longer-range operations. The ERA supports both M1/2/5 and M3/4/6 Digital Data Link (DDL) operating bands.

  • The optional antenna array kit integrates seamlessly with AeroVironment’s standard RF head antenna
  • Provides operators 100 % greater controllable range over standard RF head antenna, with minimal logistical footprint
  • Add-on kit narrows antenna beam width, extending command and control range up to 40 km

Adding the ERA kit to existing AeroVironment RF antennas enables UAS flight operators to immediately expand their operational capabilities, gaining actionable battlefield intelligence at a greater stand-off range and maximizing stealth and safety. When used in combination with other AeroVironment network connectivity options, the ERA provides an enhanced level of operational flexibility. This enables teams to coordinate command and control transfer of UAS, such as Puma LE, easily over greater distances, maximizing the aircraft’s multi-mission capabilities, in day or night operations, across dynamically changing environments.

Rick Pedigo, AeroVironment vice president of sales and business development said “AeroVironment continues to incorporate direct customer and user feedback into our product development investments to address increasingly complex and dynamic mission requirements. Not only do operators benefit from available options in terms of UAS capabilities, but they can also benefit from a selection of antenna options that are portable, easy to operate and provide extended range and multi-mission capabilities.”

Further expanding its connectivity solutions, AeroVironment recently announced updates to its Long Range Tracking Antenna (LRTA), which it now offers in two versions to support M1/2/5 and M3/4/6 DDL frequency bands.

AeroVironment’s network connectivity product line includes the pocketable, short-range pDDL (5 km), standard RF antenna (20 km), ERA (40 km) and LRTA (60 km) capabilities in both M1/2/5 and M3/4/6 bands.

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